Conversation piece out on the deck? 😆

This one is out on my deck now.

Ought to at least be a conversation piece, eh?

Can’t wait to hear some of the reactions when people come over.

Have you done the same?


A neighbor down the road is ex police sergeant - would not be the thing to do.


I see. Legal here as long as they can’t be seen from the street or are not easily accessible… so we’re good to go.


Got to be careful when in full bloom, someone that you think you trust might take it home without you knowing :rage:. Might want to hide it at that time. Just saying, it has happened. Looks pretty though. :sunglasses:


It’s on a second story deck that doesn’t have stairs to the ground. We also have a locked gate and fence around the back yard.

I’m hoping that’s enough deterrent… but you may be right. I might need to move it back into the tent then. Let’s see how big it gets too.

Thanks for the heads up

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Just before harvest last summer!
Wasn’t much room left for conversations! LOL!

I live next door to a currently NOT retired cop! LOL!
In fact he had his cruiser out there last night! LOL!
He can’t see them from his place but he sure could smell them.
I could walk to the mailbox at least 150-200’ away from the plants on the opposite side of the house and they smelled as potent as when you were standing next to them!
It was a great September/October!!



Pretty amazing. Hard to miss that!!!

One question: this is my first plant I took outdoors. Is it normal for the leaves to canoe a little when they are grown outside?


Just put these out yesterday, the two purple kush autos are my first two to survive (SO FAR) my inhumane care for them and as a result are severely stunted, I put those seeds in soil on 3/30.
The two blue cheese photo plants were given a little better treatment, but not by much, they were put in soil on 4/14.


Had a family party last summer and everyone was just standing around admiring my plant lol. It was definitely a conversation piece.

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That’s what I’m expecting I think.

My family and friends know and have seen my grow tent but out on the deck is a different ambience. :laughing:

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@VirginiaGrowBoy, how hot does it get on your deck, and how much sun does it get? South facing? You might want to elevate it a bit if that lumber heats up during the day. If you get a lot of direct sun there it might need to acclimate to it (“harden off”)

Thats awesome though man! I need to build a deck. I have a “sliding glass door to nowhere” right now.


North facing and about 6 hours sun maybe but enough probably. Southeastern US so about 95 in summer is max normal.

I never even thought about heat from the boards. Good catch!

I need to put some insulation under it.


Just kicked these girls outta the house!


Nice! And I like your Mr. Sun.

After just 3 days (albeit perfect clear warm days) that plant looks so much better. I’m toying with the idea of bringing another out onto the deck

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It takes a few days to harden them off. I havnt told Mrs.Pin yet but I think I’m gonna put about 3 more autos on the deck. I wish I had the privacy to grow some photos outside


Here’s the other one that I’m thinking about bringing outside.

Still not sure yet…goes away from my one plant trial plan that I hatched.


I got 1 just chillin with the peppers and tomatoes.


Sweet! Good combo! My wife grows other cooking herbs on the deck too.

Are you going to train her or go au naturale?

Thinking i might let this go all natural. Because i have no idea what strain or anything. It was a seed i got from bag weed i picked up from the dispensary. Must have been a few years back not really sure. Kinda forgot about it and refound it in the back of a drawer in a joint tube or doob tube. Haha. So that’s the name i gave it.

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Good story. 99% sure it won’t be an auto but it could end up being a male? Goid luck and goid conversation piece. Good luck!