Convention Discussion

@anon95385719, @Happy_Pappy, @raustin

Perfect thanks. Think it’s cool to discuss on here?

I think it should be okay.

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Alright. This is relatively serious. So, thoughts on how far out to plan. It being an annonamous site, how do we know who may be serious. People have busy lives.

I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe a poll.

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A poll for sure. Put a few dates that work for u pappy and see what’s best for people.

I think we could do it all anonymously.

Are we thinking a traditional convention: a few vendors, some classes, etc? Or, just really: let’s all meet in this city, on these dates, and let’s just hang out kind of thing?

Potstock. A huge party

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We’re still trying to figure all that out. Lol

How many days will this go on?

Pappy that’s up to u. It’s your home. Fri-sun?

That’ll require a lot of licenses & permits & whatnot, unless we find a middle-of-nowhere place where we could have fun w/o bothering anybody/being bothered.

Edit: ah, so you have a place at a private residence?

Yeah, Happys house! He’s in S Carolina.

Gotta b someone in a legal state with huge land willing to deal with all of us potheads. Lmao on second thought… maybe not

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Y’all are more than welcome to camp out up near my place for a few days. Lol!

Camp out? Do you mean that literally?

I mean we can party on & around my land, but you all will either need a hotel room, a camper, or a tent to sleep in. If you wanna camp, you can do it near or on my property, for free.

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Oh, I don’t camp. Are there hotels near you?

Yep. Our town has 2 nice hotels & several b&b’s. We get lotsa tourists & out of town workers, here. My house is 8 miles outside of town, and 1 mile from nearest neighbor. Those neighbors are potheads.

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Hmm, you’re in Alaska, right? That might be nice.