Controlling temp humid vpd

Alright so here goes !
I got 5x5 tent spider farm SF7000 light
T6 for out with carbon filter
S6 for intake
1 clip on fan (another on way)
visio sun humidifier 6L
The ac controller 69 pro still learning how to operate everything and set up cycles schedules ect… any help is needed and appreciated!
Tents staying about 48% humidity 79゚ish and 1.6 VPD
Ive ran the duct for intake fan to another room for clean air while the out cycles in room for now until i figure how to hide the venting from neighbor’s ive put another one my childs small humidifiers in the tent as well just now to try to regulate it can anyone tell me what i need to do in order to fine tune the tent and get on a steady cycle what speeds do i run my fans should i run them all the time even when lights are off? Ive also.flipped day night to try to run light at night and keep cooler 6pm to noon. Thnx all newbie Chere

Its something that youll have to play with in order to get it dialed in. I have the 69pro but i just use it to control my exhaust fans and monitor temps. I have my ac on another wifi app.


Wat are you running for a AC unit inside the tent?

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What are your average room temps and humidity levels that your tent is in? Or from the room your intake is coming from.

***I don’t yet have the 69pro…

However here’s how I control my environments (3 tents) and lighting.

I have similar exhaust as you but use 6" AC Infinity Raxial inline fans.

To start, I always get base temps and humidity of tent with lights on for awhile… To account for the heat of it. With the light at my needed height and dimmer of it set to my desired DLI. I have a hlg 300L Bspec in veg, 600Rspec in flower.

I then check my VPD chart and set my humidity, and temps to desired settings.

Then… Comes the patience.

I use separate inkbird temperature controllers and humidity controllers in each tent.

For the temperature controllers there’s two plugs to control stuff. A heat and a cooling.

On the heat side of the temps plug in control I have a small oil filled radiator heater. With a fan that blows through it to help the circulation. On the Cooling side I have it connected to a 6"raxial which injects cooler and drier room air into my tents.

On the humidity controller I have on the humidifier work side a cool mist (soon to be an AC Infinity humidifier upgrade) and for dehumidifier side I have another 6"raxial inline Dan on another intake.

Depending on the tents room temperature and humidity, I have to set my temp and humidity differentials…

There the temp you desire to set. Ex… 78f.
There is temp high and low limits…ex… Heater kicks on when temps get 1.5F below 78F…temp gets above 78F by 1.0F fans start up.

I do the same with humidity. This way you end up narrowing down the highs and lows to a tiny ripple on the graph as apposed to huge swings.

My exhaust fan also is on constantly bringing in fresh air… So that, also, must be adjusted… Currently my basement is much cooler so my AC infininty controller is set a 1…i have an air flow meter to ensure it’s on high enough but not way to high. During late veg, I usually veg for 8 weeks, 4 plants per tent my exhaust is usually at around set at 3. I have the older non app ac infinity controllers unfortunately.

Also… If you can… Account for leaf temps. Use a laser temp gun set at about 98 emissivity… At various leaves… And average it… Take the offset, the difference between the air temp and leaf temp and set that offset on your ac infinity 69 pro in its vpd settings. Your vpd will be more accurate.

My “lung” room has a 70 pint dehumidifier.

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For 69 pro controller there is a thread here i started a while back it has some good info and will hopefully be helpful for ya Ac infinity 69 pro controller
Keep em growing growmie :metal::beers::100:


@Perfectcultguy i run 3 rooms.

Welcome! Your setup is very similar to mine. My wife and I struggled to dial in our temps and humidity. We did manage it putting a clip on fan angled towards the light/in-line fan. Had a small round floor fan angle towards center where our plant stood. In between that we have our adjustable cold humidifier. Across the corner is our tower carbon filter air purifier. Plus we open the bottom vent a little.

But of an old pic

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I cracked my.tent while.light ran yesterday my graphs turned out much better looking i ordered the t7 cloudforge humidifier also finding a bar style light instead of the sf7000
Im still deciding weather i want a c02 sup light a deep red hlg or a 800w non c02

Leaf temperature - Air temperature = Leaf temperature Offset.

I just got a laser thermo to check leaf temp im trying to invest in a better light atm as well maybe spider farms 1000w or the medic grow ez 8 or the new Ac infinity evo 8