Controlling PH and problem solving

I have had several questions recently about nut deficiencies. Its been determined its most certaintly my Ph. Im struggle to maintain my Ph correctly. Its constantly stays at 7.8 -8. Big problem, I know. Ive attempted adjusting it with a Ph down product and have been successful with doing this to the water. However the soil never really changes. Should i start using distilled water and Phing it? Or does anybody have any ideas I can try? Im well into flower phase. Pics attached

When you have very hard water, the ph will always try to bounce back to where it was, until eventually it stops fighting you and settles where you want it. If your water is that hard then you can try using distilled, but you might need to adjust your nutes because distilled water has nothing in it, ie. calcium and magnesium.

You should flush with 6.0 water until runoff reads 6.0… once you reach 6.0 in run off check your ppm and see if you need to add nutrients after the flush… if your ppm is still around 800 to 1000 and your ph is 6.0… don’t add anything as far as nutrients… :wink:
@raustin is right about hard water… my water from my well is at 12 ph… crazy high… ppm around 2500 … only choice is to buy water… no way I could work with that… :wink:

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So whats good to measure ppm? Also ive been using foxfarm and following their feeding schedule exactly and also adding cal mag.

Do you have a PPM, or EC meter? I’m guessing no. Lol. This is a cheap one, but will do the job.

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I recommend a flush with 6.3 or so h20, and getting an r/o system. I struggled through 4 grows with nute/pH issues, which seem to have been directly related to my well water, as well as hot soil.

You can buy an RO Buddie for under $60.

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As @peachfuzz stated flush and flush with a lower ph water. Something that will help stabilize ph is let your water gas out for 24 to 48 hrs before use then ph then water. However big your pot is you want to flush with 2 to 3 times that wit ph water. So if you have a 5 gallon grow bag then you would use 10 to 15 gallons some people say they use up to 5x the pot size.

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So PH is 6.6 now. It seems to be getting worse. I did flush about a week ago.

Ok, 6.6 ph is excellent. So, what else is going on here? What is the temperature in the grow space? Or, this could be potassium deficiency which causes the temperature in the leaves to climb and burn. If you’re using the Foxfarm nutes it’s possible that this was your problem all along caused by the Ph problem locking out the K. Now that your Ph is under control it should correct itself, but the damaged leaves will not get better. Look at the new growth to see if there is improvement.

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temp is always at 70 degrees f. Im still feeding fox farm as the schedule calls for. there is new growth at the bottom that looks good. also the bottom old growth looks good. all the top and middle seems to be getting worse but the buds seem to be growing fine with a couple (pistils) i believe theyre called, turning brown

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I suppose its possible whats dieing is the old, already damaged leaves

Give it a few days, but if the new growth is looking good then I think you fixed this one. If you’re seeing pistils, that means she’s in preflower.