Controlling Humidity

Does anyone have any tricks on raising the humidity in a small Grow Box? Thanks.

Spray water on the plants in the morning and let it absorb it as the day progresses. Do NOT do this if the plants are flowering, it will cause bud rot. I have been watering my plants and letting the excess runoff in the pan below the plants evaporate. I do not have the money for a humidifier now. I am managing to keep it at 50 but it is difficult.

A humidifier is the best answer for the problem. Jerry


You can use a indoor forgger that produces fog, fog=precipitation which=humidity % levels rising :smile:

Humidity control

(site) Issue #180 October 4, 2015

Good Information there.

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Thanks I’ll get it under control soon I hope.

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Great Post and Thanks. When using some of these Old School Remedies for creating Humidity should WARM WATER be used or does it really matter? Thanks for the input…

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Thanks man you have been a big help…

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When my humidity level would drop in my grow box I would wet a towel with HOT water and hang it water would drip and raise the humidity the downside of it was you would have to do it about 3 times a day

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My issue is how do I lower humidity in my tent during dark period I notice when lights go on And I To Chk On them humidity levels are very high…how can I get it down to proper levels

Just an opinion id get a dehumidifier

Is your vent fan running while it’s dark? If not, try running it and see if that helps.

Think that my only option been chkin amazon for good price…thks

It was but not at full speed have seen temp drop a little will be shopping for dehumidifier

Any time keep updated on that my friend