Controller Ideas Needed!

Ok guys, its getting close to colder weather here in the south and i want to take full advantage of the cooler weather. I want to be able to eliminate my window ac. I dont mind spending a few bucks. Im really interested in the AC Infinity Controller 69 Pro. I can run independent programs for four devices. But what id like to do is my intake open and run and adjust speed to regulate temps when lights are on. Once desired temp is reached, then the intake shut off. I want to be able to monitor and adjust through my wifi, since im out of town some nights for work. Ive already got the T8. I dont mind having to buy another intake if I cant control the speed remotely with my old vivosun 4 inch. What are your thoughts? As far as lights, im running a HLG 600r, HLG 320XL and a Vivosun vs2000. ( alot of heat since i added the 600r )

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The noise my Vivosun makes drove me crazy.
Replaced with T6 inline with 69 WiFi controller.
Intake and exhaust fans controlled seperately or together.


@DEEPDIVERDAVE can you control exhaust and intake fan speed remotely, or have each turn off/on at a certain temp ?

Yes you can. You can set up each of the 4 ports independently. On, off, scheduled, timer, and auto which will allow you to have them come on and off when it hits a certain temp or humidity. Yoy can also set it so when it is ‘off’ it still runs at what ever speed you want. Ie my intake and exhaust always run at 1 but will ramp up every degree over 75.
One last fun thing is you can hook anything with a plug up to it if you get their ius plug. I put my lights on it but you can put de/humidifiers

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You forgot, my new favorite, CYCLE mode where ON time and OFF time are user defined.
My Cloudline 67’s will each handle either one control for two fans or seperate 67 controllers for seperate control. The new Cloudline 69 WiFi has capabilities beyond my current utilization or experience, currently… But I expect 4 independent, WiFi controlable programs could support multiple equipment control options. I use one tent exhaust into second tent intake. Second tent exhaust to attic.