Controller for everything?

I have an AC infinity controller 67 to control my exhaust fan. I was using a separate plug in temperature controller (similar to ink bird but much cheaper) and it finally died.

Is there (1) controller that can control both ?

If not, any recommendations on a temperature controller for my space heater? Ideally with a fairly long cord for both the probe and plug. Ink bird only has a 6’ probe.

I like the AC infinity 67 as it has like a 12’ probe.

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Itc-608t from inkbird is a dual controller but still only 6’ leads :confused:

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Ultimately I could probably get it to work but I will have to do some rearranging.

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ACInfinity has added a few more controllers to their selection.

I just ordered a Controller 76 for heat or humidity control with two plugins although both plugs cannot be controlled separately. $39. 12 foot probe.

They also added a Controller 69 for controlling their lights, exhaust fans and circulating fans (they are coming out with new clip-on fans next month). Up to 4 items from single controller.

Of course both controllers can be controlled by a phone app same as controller 67.



I’ll take a look at Controller 76. I am set with lights (HLG and Chilledtech). I may just have to use the 67 for my intake and exhaust fans and the 76 for heat/humidity.

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Do you know if the controller will only work with a device that has knobs for settings?

I have a humidifier that I would like to use but it has electronic buttons for on/off etc. I am thinking if the plug turns off, when it clicks back on the humidifier will still be in the off position.

Think you need a cheaper humidifier.

My dehumidifier is the same but I can set it to a particular humidity level so it doesn’t need a controller.

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