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Howdy! Well I am still in my first grow over at golgi apparatus and coming down to the end.
I decided to germinate 7 more ILGM white widow Photos and get those started.

This time will be different. Germinated 12 last time and I know that was over kill for my space. Had to buy an over flow tent for 4 of them.

We will be doing the best 6 in the 4x8 unless we move… then we may do something different as I have the 4x4 and another 4x8 still in the box. anyway.

These will be going into Pro-mixHP this time instead of the happy frog ocean. Ocean forest I used last time.

I will also be using jacks 3-2-1 feed With xtreme mykos in the soil.
I also will be using Recharge and Tribus.
Some sort if silica and probably a few other things I am forgetting.

They will be in solo cups to start going under an HLG 65 to start then under the king bright lights when they get bigger.
I may get some supplemental blue for vege. I dunno yet.
They will live in the 2x2x4 for the first stage with the hlg 65 and a cloudline S4 exhaust fan and a small 6" clip on.

I have a big dome tray I may cover them with or I have some clear cut out solo cups I can stick on top to keep the Rh up. I may actually have to move the tent as I am keeping rh really low in here the next week or so( hope not much longer) for the flowering plants. but we will see what is what when they break ground.
I have some heat mats and thermostats but I dont think i will need them as its pretty warm in here with the dehumidifier running for the other tents right now in flower.

I soaked the seeds in a solo cup with RO water and a dash of 3% peroxide for 30 hours in the tent with it nice and dark till I saw some of them crack. temps were around 78-80

I then carefully poured them onto a paper towel. I folded it over and carefully patted it to get excess water out leaving it wet still. I then put it into a glad zip lock bag and blew into it to give it some air and sealed it. I them placed the bag in my desk drawer. CAREFULLY
I keep saying carefully as my first run I was very nervous and spilled and lost seeds 3 times. I found them all however. Some I found by looking in a shop vac full of debris with tweezers not a good time and Not this time. :rofl: I am being extra cautious and not nervous at all.
8 hours later I had tales.

I am getting my promix ready and will put them in the 2x4. I am a little anxious about using the promix for the first time.
I will add some perlite to the promix maybe 20% and a touch of xtreme mykos for when they have roots.

So thats about it for now. going to go mix my soil up with a head lamp on as it is lights out right now. lol.

If anyone wants to tag along that would be cool. Thanks for looking.
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@Nicky @Myfriendis410


Following! Have you heard of “Thunderhead Soil”. It was recommended to me and it’s significantly cheaper.


The ‘HP’ in Promix HP is for the added perlite: I would not add any. If you add anything, put some vermiculite in it to add magnesium.


Nice, Im following. You guys ever heard of “Mega Crop” Its basically a jacks 321 all in one…plus silica, and a BUNCH of other stuff but made for cannabis i think, all in one powder. I ordered some to try out cause my jacks ain’t mixing well and I’m getting super high ppms from the recipe i got.


I’m always in. I know Flynn… (not general Flynn lol poor guy)


Watching , you grow some beautiful girls


thanks everyone. @Myfriendis410 well those 7 cups are in the garden now. lol

Do I need to rinse the promix?


@Jackie_Daytona, I know you are trying to keep feedings simple with Jacks 321. But do some reading on these supplements and see if you can incorporate some of them in your grow .I wish I would’ve started earlier with these . Silica, sulfur, Epsom salt , Humic acid, Chitin .and Cytokinins. All good stuff.


thanks for the input! I will get the silica its on my list as well as the humic acid and have the epsom salts.

Ill check out the other stuff. the local shop has a bunch of organics and they are a new business and just starting out in a very small town. . Ill see if they have it.


@Jackie_Daytona Thanks for the tag my friend. I’m set to watch.

Just be careful with mixing a lot of other nutrients brands with jack’s 321. I keep it simple and use sillica with it and some calmag on water only days to supplement. That way I’ll get a feel of how I like Jacks and take it from there the next grow and see IF I’d like to add anything else. The less nutrients I use the more convenient it is for me.

You are on the right track with this grow. Im going to be purchasing a 2x2x4 and the HLG-65 for my clone/seedling tent as well!

Excited for you man!


thanks! Yea I don’t think I am going to get to crazy with anything else besides what I have seen and read is proven to work with the 3-2-1 routine. Im not trying to add a bunch of crap then all of a sudden have a flush on my hands. I know there is a lot of beneficial stuff out there though but I dont know about adding any leftover fox farm or anything. Ill let someone else Guinea pig that.

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Yeah save yourself the hassle and experiment later when you get everything locked down with Jacks.

321 formula alone will help produce great bud.

Another thing you can do, if you’re really eager to test other nutrients, is test it with just one plant out of all the ones you have and compare :smiley:

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I am really going to be concentrating on this next batch training and getting it right so I don’t run into all the headaches I had with this grow. I dont need another jumanji situation.


lol fair enough. It will be much easier than your first grow.

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Hi @Jackie_Daytona, lots of nice tails! I’ve just finished White Widow Max photo and it was my favourite weed out of the 7 or 8 strains I had going. So now I’m parenting 4 White Widow Autos and hoping they are as good. Will follow along if you don’t mind :blush::sunflower:


Sure thing. Ill check out your grow when i get back to a pc. Thank you

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@ash93, @Jackie_Daytona, I was Just throwing some ideas out there . Many times when you are having tons of issues. It’s because you are lacking a healthy defense structure and a strong root zone. Zero problem after week 3 ,( oh I forgot root bound in 7gal grow pots, but I consider that a good thing)


Following along.


For sure brother. Always happy to learn from others, I’m still a noobie haha.

Awesome looking plants you got there