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You need to find a stunt double! Be careful out there as there are lots of idiots with their head in their phones!


We all make mistakes, its what you learn from them that makes you human.


Lmao. I wish, when I was a teen I thought I was the stunt double lol, we tried to copy the jackass movies, not in dumb ways like most kids did, like lighting themselves on fire and dumb stuff, but actually doing stunts, like riding a portable soccer goal down a 100 foot hill in SLC Ut while your friends running away trying not to be run over by it unsuccessfully because it’s going 25+ mph or snowboarding in nothing but my boxers in Rainier Or. and realizing that there is something similar to road rash, but with ice. We used to have tape of all of that. But lord knows where it is now.

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Here’s the distillery crew I worked with (I’m the tall bearded guy in the back). The vessel to the left (silver) was our cooker. Every day we made 500 gallons of R/O water, pumped it into the cooker and the next day boiled it (took about 90 minutes), added 1,000 lbs of grain and started our wash for corn whiskey. This was ultimately pumped into open topped 600 gallon fermenters at which point the operator (me) had to put on a bathing suit, climb in through the manway 8 feet up and then hand scrub the interior of the cooker. NOT fun.

The still shown center would accept the fermented wash at the same time as the cook was going and we did a stripping run to pull the low wines from the wash. The rest was pumped out and given to a goat farmer. After 4 stripping runs, the operator had to don a bathing suit again and climb into THAT vessel and scrub the snot out of it: you would come out brown with this cheezy copper calculus that forms when it reacts to the sulfur in the grain. Nasty. This is in anticipation of doing the ‘spirit’ run.

To top it all off; in the summer time where we were located (many wineries) had a serious issue with oak boring beetles so we’d have to close up the whole distillery in the summer time 100F plus daily with no a/c. I never drank so much water in my life. But I was in GOOD shape.

You would cook and do a stripping run 4 days in 5, do a spirit run on the 5th day and you were the only operator. We ran two shifts so we could alternate dealing with the heat.

All of this crap was heated with a 1 million BTU boiler that added even more heat and humidity.


Jawa Kush baby


Yes but unfortunately some mistakes will follow us for the rest of our lives no matter how many pages you turn. I caught a record in Az pretty young and I cant even get it expunged because Arizona doesn’t do that. That has hindered my life more than anything and no matter how sorry or how much I have changed to become a “functional” member of society ect I will never be forgiven for it and I will never be able to provide properly for my family because of a mistake I make 10 years ago. I am just glad I found something to give me hope before that way of life took its toll completely.


Sounds like episode of “Dirty Jobs” you just described!


Looking good​:+1::+1::+1:

Sounds like fun!!!

Heres what I do at 55,


@CoyoteCody Damn you are lucky. I only slid down about 50 feet or so. And you will be shocked. All I did was bang my head on the road which happened in the same spot I had a tumor removed off my forehead.

I didn’t even break nor crack any bones going down hard and fast. I did a control fall and jumped off the bike as I was going down.

It took over 4 months where my right collar bone and shoulder stopped hurting. No Physical Therapy. My blue jeans didn’t even get damage nor my t-shirt. But the Paramedics cut my shirt off and I could have taken it off.


Did a lot of that in Arkansas.

I have been doing climbing and bucket truck work here in the Shuswap for 14 years and before that I was a production feller primarily heli logging. Climbing is way safer ! Lol

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Dang still pretty bad, I have been riding for a long time and I am just waiting for my big fall, the worst I have had on a bike is get tossed into ditch and got covered in cactus on my dirt bike. Surprisingly I didnt break any bones either just soft tissue damage, it took 187 staples to close my arm holes,lol, and over 6 foot of stitching thread just to close it up after the first surgery,

We were working with mostly cedar so it’s a lot smaller, but we just dropped it cleaned it up a little and tossed them on a trailer, never worked for a company or anything.

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I was riding a motorcycle before I could ride a bicycle as I have short legs that look like Redwood Trees. Our dad worked on motorcycles for extra cash as I was very sick for my first 10 years on Earth. I spent over 300 days in a hospital when I was in Kindergarten. So I failed due to being in the hospital.

I’ve been on a motorcycle for 42 years. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I got right back on a bike after each accident. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I will never stop riding, it’s a feeling like no other!!!

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The cedars we fell for shake and shingle wood were commonly hollow and up to 12 feet across at the butt!

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Although I have to stop for now because I just fried the rings in one of my 3 cylinders just a little while ago.

Failed kindergarten! Now thats funny sh,izit right there boys and girls!