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Hey guys…first grow here. Just looking for a little advice. I have 2 gscx autos in flower 37 days from seed. Fox farm, Eco scraps potting mix, perlite. Fox farm nutes 50%. I grew them outside and at night under the 800watt roleadro COB for a 20/4 cycle. It pulls 300watts from the wall. What can i do from this point to make my nugs nice and hard. And HUGE! Any help is appreciated.

Take my advice with a grain if salt as i am new but your plant is probably only half way done and is probably doing fine. Make sure you are giving it enough nutrients and guve her time. Im sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in

@Sammy420 I didn’t think you’d want combo on your thread but @swampdollar you plant looks nice and healthy farther in flower you look to be about week 2 or 3 in flower you should have just switched to bloom nutrients lower the N raise the PK… this is when cal mag is a must you will get crinkled fans in no time if you don’t supplement it extra… it’s cheap California magic like 15 bucks a liter… well worth it if you ph ph after you add all your nutes and better to start low and increase gradually u don’t wanna upset her right now it’s a big transition point in a marijuana plants life give it wat it wants and you’ll be rewarded… don’t and you’ll be disappointed 6.5 is your magic number for ph throughout grow above a 7 and below 5.9 is potentially detrimental and can cause lockout… lockout is a ph issue more nutrients will not fix it it will worsen it… flush will be needed if your ph is to high or low …3x volume of the bucket with pure 6.5 water… then go back in with half strength nutes… ur gonna wanna look into bud enhancers like bud candy, imo bud candy is one of the best supplements for a single bottle… look st the bottles if all 3 contain nitrogen which cali magic does your not gonna wanna get to high rpm of nitro gen with your base nutes if that makes any sence I’ll tag you in my journal if you wanna ask a question


Hey Man thanks for the info. I have the calmag. Been giving it to them at 50% since 3 weeks old from seed. Last feeding at 100%. Im pretty muvh good on most points. I can only get temp to 70 f and humidity at 65. Im getting a dehumidifier today.
So basically i have to give them a bud booster. Gotcha. Oh also i have a question. I started them from seed outside in the day for 12 hours then under a 800watt COB LED for 8. 20/4. The light pulls 300watts from the wall. I was trying to max her out on the light because i heard outdoor autos have bigger yield. So please tell me ill get huge buds because of this. I cant even put them outside anymore with humidity at 80-90%+. Last time i tried the leaves got so wet it looked like it just rained. So i now they’re inside until harvest. So my question is will that have any effect on the yield? Thanks again bro.

Seeds from a promotion by
WW x Big Bud auto day 3. Fox farm eco scraps potting mix. 800 watt galaxy hydro COB. Pulls 300 watts from the wall. They say dont transplant, which i intend to do, but if your careful not to disturb the soil around the roots youre good.


1st 4 same plant etc. These are GSCX autos from Mr. Bergen. Day 44 from seed. 3rd week of flower. Fox farm soil, perlite, fox farm nutes. Vegged outdoor for 12 hours then put them under the light at night for a 20/4 cycle for entire veg period. COB 800wt galaxy hydro pulls 300 from the wall. Been inside since 2nd week of flower. Temps at 78° day 65° night. Humidifier at 45%. Any tips on how to make these buds super big? All tips are very much appreciated. Any that result in a significant yield will be…Uploading: 20190902_035302.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035344.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035322.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035520.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035515.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035455.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035314.jpg… Uploading: 20190902_035510.jpg… acknowledged accordingly. Lol

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What ever your nutes are look up a feeding schedule for them … see what your missing and go from there try to bring as many bells as possible every element in plant food has a role in top notch buds … so think about having the best lights the best soil or hydro set up and awesome Gene’s… you start at 100% every thing you mess up on or don’t get exactly right start deducting some percentages… leave out good light start your self at 70%… now lack on nutes your down to 60%… humidity to high 55% if you finish without bud rot… you know every aspect of the plant needs to be there can’t have one without the other u can’t get over 70% quality without all the nessecarry lights nutes know how


That roleadro cob, does it have just the 2 separate cobs or 4?

Its the 2 light COB. Doing pretty well so far. Had it about 30 days.

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Honestly ive been giving them full strenghth nutes with the fox farm tiger bloom and 50% big bloom everyday for the last week. Theyre responding well. What im really trying to find out is if the additional sunlight plus grow light during veg is going to show in the yield? Or is the light theyre receiving now the only light thats going to affect bud growth? Help me out guys! Thanks

I have that same light. 2 of them actually, they are only 200w at the wall. A couple years ago they were advertised as 400w but for some reason they upped their equivalent wattage. Just something you may need to know. @Sammy420 sorry buddy, not trying to hijack your thread

No problem. Its ok. I actually have a gauge i plug into the wall and the plug my light into. It fluctuates between 295-305.

No kidding. Must have upped the power. Does it have the square chips or round ones? About 2 years ago roleadro came out with 300w cobs they have more red than the 400w ones I have. The 400w is a great vegg light but not the best for flower.

This one is advertised as a 800watt light. Not sure about the shape of the chips. Its always on! Lol

You may want a bit more intensity. But you look right around schedule. As Fano hintd at, some good PK will fill those buds right out. N ur light is enough for buds but more would increase the bud density.

That extra sunlight would help ALOT but it isnt make or break level bringing her in. 80-90% humidity would SLAUGHTER midflower stage plants.

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