Continuation of growth in the flower phase: King and Queen


Hello, we think the King and the Queen will start to get the fruit, I pour 5l of cold water every day for my roots, and try to add a little specter to the flower, raise 2, and stretch cautiously into the space, I still think ok


Looking good my friend


Thank you, I hope to finish it without any problems



It’s a photo shoot that does not fit into one photo: smirk:




I added the net so the fruit does not touch the walls of the tent and prevents the formation of mold


Good job my friend.


Thank you friend, I’m trying to do what it is, from today I cut the light from 12/12 to 8/16, maybe it will be even better


I will be watching, let’s see them get nice and thick.




my aquaponic garden, lots of new growth still in vegetation stage.


Also very nice: wink: how big will you do?


I still have room, maybe another month of veg.


It’s me, too, but how high are you going to have it?


Don’t know let’s see how high I can go.


I have almost no place at all


And that’s a big tent, 2 flowers I have 3 / 4stanu and is still growing


That’s going to be a great harvest!!:+1:t3::+1:t3: