Continuation of growth in the flower phase: King and Queen


How would you continue in my case ???



I made a slight break, the top nearly reached the tent ceiling of 220 cm, I also had to direct the right side of the lower branch to the space due to the place for the core and still have the opportunity to enlarge: rofl:



I would bend them squeeze stalk firmly and work back and forth between finger and thumb twisting until it softens some then bend them down. A break isn’t a terrible thing if bark is intact to bend you want to crush internal structure without breaking outer shell


Thank you, Donaldz, I’ve bent over and I’ll be dragging into the space, it’ll be a great shame to be able to share it with your friends


Your looking to double and sometimes triple in size when in flower mode. Be prepared lol.


Thank you, here more or less ready for the fruit to grow so I’ll tell you what it’s like I do not want to spoil something


I’d like to have you pointed out when you notice something and it’s a bad thank you AmnesiaHaze,


Your welcome bro, I saw the light near the tops of the plants and I was like woahhh they seem to still be in veg! No flowers! Height is going to be tight now


I’ve been blooming for ten days, I’m going to make a detail of the photo when I’m home, it’s Saturday and I want itto drink something good


I would like to ask if I can: blush: I’ve been honored and AmnesiaHaze has grown, is fruit somehow connected to you?


Hahha no I have not genetically created the AmnesiaHaze strain, it’s all thanks to Robert Bergman!!! He is the world class genius to have given me the pleasure to express my feelings with you about his plants!


I worship my sir: wink, I hope that I will also be led by the time of my tribe’s creation, I love our miraculous plant all its growth and development and improvement after each harvest, perhaps the last thing I did not do is cross two different species …


And Robert Bergman is more or less God thank you Robert



You are starting preflowering!


Thank you, and please how long does it take to bloom?


There is no set in stone time schedule. It ranges from 8-11 sometimes longer for pure bred sativas