Contaminated Environment

Please cut me some slack guys/gals, I’m a beginner with this indoor grow room thing.

A little history. I did my research, purchased what I thought was the correct room with all the correct equipment. I put in a lot of thought as to where I should place my newly constructed tent. I purchased the correct growing medium and even bought a humidifier.

Now it was time to start my new adventure and grow some long overdue bud. As luck would have it the holidays hit about the same time my girls were to arrive. There I was with my newly constructed 4X4 grow room, grow table and installed lights. By the way I would have no doubt killed my first batch of girls had it not been for the help of everyone here at ILGM. So I’m standing there all dressed up with nowhere to go so to speak and my girlfriend says, “you’ve got that thing built, why don’t you put some of our plants we brought in from the freezing weather to keep them looking pretty until your package arrives with the girls”? What a great idea I thought. I could put the plants in the room and see how everything works since this is my first attempt at growing indoors.

We moved no less than 12 outdoor plants into the newly constructed room, had everything clicking right along. Temperature was good, humidity good, what else was I missing? Then about two days of perfect running, they appeared. These tiny little black flying bastards all over the place. I could hardly see them but if I looked closely on the leaves I could see them climbing around all over several plants. I thought, “what the hell have I done now?” I read several places to keep your grow rooms sterile and clean but this situation hadn’t entered my mind. What the hell guys? What are they and how do I get rid of them? I’ve since removed the outdoor plants (still have some of the little buggers flying around though) and I’ve got two girls peering out of the soil and three more soon to be awake. What are these little flying critters? Flies, gnats? They aren’t mosquitos.

With all my excitement and lack of patience, I’ve just contaminated my first batch of babies. Can you believe it? Hopefully it’s not permanent or terminal.

Note to self. Don’t take a chance and contaminate a perfectly clean room with other non-smokeable plants, containers or dirt.

Thanks for any advice may offer.

Damn, what an idiot.

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@Flyr possibly soil gnats or aphids. Do you have some pix so some others can weigh in?

Buy some Food Grade Diamatraceous Earth… it has to be food grade only… real cheap stuff… sprinkle it on top of soil… it will help… also get some yellow sticky pads to catch them… or better yet, put those plants back outside @Flyr


I say with outside plants you got gnats they won’t do any damage just a pain in the a$$ hang some strips keep it dry and open for a cpl days if their bad vac them up with shop vac wipe out with clorox wipes and you should be good


VelcroThumb, They are way too small for me to get a good picture.

Zombo, They’re tiny. I like the sticky paper idea. They get stuck and I can see what they are…hopefully.

Sirsmokes, another great idea, Suck’em up with a Vacuum. Surely they haven’t dug into my littler girls starter cups dirt. Maybe they’re just stragglers and haven’t found a home yet.


If their gnats then they will be in the soil of the girls but when you transplant go away from your grow room and try to get rid as much old soil as you can to help make sure you get rid of them if you don’t see any from after you clean it up you may be ok but ive always had a few in my room with no prob I vac em up every night at lights on

Maybe I need to release a couple Geckos or little Lizards into the room. Of course that may cause more problems then the gnats. They are tiny though. Not much of a meal for a lizard.

Are there other good bugs that eat or repel gnats? I haven’t researched that yet.

Ladybugs. I have them naturally but I think you can order them online.


Zito they just started showing up but I’m in a garage not in a house

Bad move … your in for a battle my friend… :wink:
Sticky traps and some potatoes cut in half will help… once you start to see the little worms sticking out of the potatoes just toss them out and replace with new ones… :wink:
There numbers should decrease over time… :wink:
Good luck … :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Sulfer burner will knock down almost any pest or mildew, most likely fruit flies thrips or gnats

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As already said, probably fungus gnats. The fruit flies are a little bigger, so they identify easier. They can hurt a MJ plant. Especially if they are young plants because the root system is tiny, and they can munch on it. However, that is unlikely to happen in a small infestation. If you want to see what a monster infestation looks like hop on over t my journal. You want to get them gone now, while the problem is small. If you put a bowl with vinegar and a teaspoon of liquid soap in there they will fly into the mixture, but not leave it. The yellow stickies are great. The most important thing you can do to keep the bugs away is to NOT OVERWATER. The moist soil is a magnet for them. Keep a mild fan blowing too.


Aww, you didn’t really do that, did you? Everyone here gave you some great suggestions, so take their advice immediately! Your grow tent is a sacred space, never, never bring anything from outside into your tent. It should be a sterile environment, don’t even walk in there with shoes on… and wash your hands too! Lol, you’ve learned a valuable, though annoying lesson that you will not repeat. :sob:


As stated bot a good idea to bring any outdoor plants inside tour grow room
Also food grade de works well and the potato slices work youll need to replace the potatoes regularly to prevent eggs from hatching
Donald j poates a few good links as well
Get a de duster with the de
It makes applications much easier
Also a layer or perilite on top of soil helps keep them at bay

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raustin, you are soooo right. I have removed the girls, put them in a separate area and so far so good. I haven’t seen a single gnat. I have also washed the inside of the 4X4 (which was a real pain) and have yet to see a single bug. I’m glad it was early on in the process and the girls were small. I will be of the look out for any more flying gnats.


Good for you that you caught it before it was a major problem. Lesson learned. Now grow some great weed! :blush: