Containers and Soil

Greetings Fellow Growers,
In this article, I would like to explain what soil I use to grow, to see if anybody has any recommendations that would improve my grow. As before, I grow in a 25’ X 50’ greenhouse located in the N.E. USA.
First of all, I grow in 10 gallon containers . I’ve read that 15 gallon containers would be better, but for now, I will use the 10 gallon pots. They’re plastic containers with drainage holes. I fill the containers with a 50/50 mix of Miraclegrow Garden Soil (with nutrients) and Pro Mix. The Pro Mix makes the soil drain a little better. The nutrients in the garden soil feed the plants for the first week or two.
Now about fertilizer. I was using a product called Heavy Harvest from Advanced Nutrients. They no longer sell that product. They had three different types under the Heavy Harvest brand. Spring, Summer and Fall. I had very good success with it. The plants grew 8’ to 12’ tall and despite “topping” more than once they still grew high, and full. Almost too full. My first year I started with 50 plants (clones) and I was overwhelmed. As I stated in an earlier post, the mold (Botrises) set in when the temperature dropped, and Wham! I lost it all.
This year I’m going to put 25 plants in, and even though I still have a little of the Heavy Harvest left over, I’m not certain which fertilizer to use. Does anybody have any recommendations of fertilizer they had success with? I prefer using a time release fertilizer that I can feed the plants every two weeks.
So if anybody has any recommendations, please share.
Till next time, N.E. Greenhouse Guy.

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I don’t have the experience on growing at such large dimentions nor any real greenhouse experience. Luckily Latewood has tons and I’m sure he’ll get to answering in on this eventually.

Greenhouseguy It sounds like you got it going on good.
Any pics you can share on your greenhouse?

Pic’s to come later. Right now there’s not much to take pictures of.
N.E.Greenhouse Guy

You can’t go wrong with Happy Frog soil and their Fox Farm fertilizers. I do fertilize every other watering,which average out to about once a week. Plants need room for good air flow and sunshine,along with time and care for great yields and quality.

I will give a list of what I use for my plants and my plants are Indic dominate and each one grows over 9 feet tall bushy with pruning and yields a little over a pound each I grow Ing 8 gal pots

-liquid kelp 100p organic
-worm casting
-same kelp higher dose
-bat guano
-island magic
-chicken manure
-blood meal
-super thrive
-fish eloumuse
-bat guano
-seabird guano
Then flush