Container size for transplanting outdoors


I am starting my seedlings inside using Jiffy Pot 36mm pellets and 3” peat pots. The end location will be outside in the ground and **7 gallon regular/smart containers. I think I need some intermediate container maybe a 4 or 6-inch plastic pot with soil prior to the final transplant. My logic is to develop good roots, I should not go from the germination/seedling jiffy/peat pots to the ground/7-gallon final locations. Suggestions?


As long as the roots have broke out of peat pot you can put right in big pots less times you mess with roots the better. A side note be careful of over watering them in big pot s.


Let me ask him his gow long will tou be keeping them indoors before moving them out
If you go right into big pots they will try to fill pots and get large
You can get 2 gall smart pots they have one with velcro for easy transplanting
This will allow you to maintain a healthy eoot system and maintain a manageable size before you transfer to forever homes
Heres a link for them if interested


I’ve used about that process. The 6" and let it full the pot with roots before transplant.

I would suggest that digging a 7 gallon hole in the ground would be better than in pots, but to each their own.


@Countryboyjvd1971 , I’d like to stay indoors for at least 4-5 weeks. I’m in Southern Cali ,Valley so mid March I want to move them outside. Great advice, this allows me to let the roots fill pots yet minimal disruption when transferring.


I’m experimenting using ground hole, regular container(7gal) and smart container(7gal) as the final homes for 3 plants. I am testing to see the differences in output and maintenance. Its legal in Cali but old guys like me still like the ability to ‘hide/move’ plants if needed, curious how this will affect Cali growers.

@PhantomFarmer going into the ground, would “Happy frog soil conditioner” be good to mix in the ground hole i’ll be transplanting my established plants to? My existing garden soil is decent, great tomatoes/veggies over the years, mainly by adding chicken manure.


I’m not familiar with that product, sorry. I don’t treat the soil any differently than any other garden soil. I used regular miracle grow potting soil last year in my planting holes amd just watched the plants to tell me when they wanted fertilizer. I used a combination of miracle grow and fox farms fertilizer. I’m just a fan of simplicity.


How funny because I almost did exactly the same! Except mine were in buckets. I also used gypsum and Thrive. Sometimes less is more (maybe). :woman_farmer:t4:


‘Old’ habits die hard!! I still catch myself whispering. I call that one’s 10% paranoia. :woman_farmer:t4: