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A question from a fellow grower:

Just wanted some help in a grow container or a grow box…
so where i decided to grow my plants is hard to dig,because of all the rocks,plus it is on the side of a hill.
The area is out off the way very few people about. one third of the day it will get sun,dew falls every night and morning
A grow box design would be great.


What do you need help with? You did not ask a question.


I need help with a grow container. because it hard to dig a hole for the plantson the side of the hill. any ideas


I don’t really have any experience with an outdoor grow as you are describing but I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to build an above ground or raised garden bed and as this is what you are asking here is a great link:

Also check out these ILGM links where Robert discusses soil:

And another related ILGM link for outdoor growing:


Sorry. I was not sure. Looks like McG got you covered. Let us know what you plan to do and we will be glad to suggest options when you have a plan

I would ask:

How often are you going to be there? This has a lot to do with watering and fertilization. This will impact what type of box or system to implement.

Hope this helps


i will go there every 2 weeks to water a check growth/pest.


How will the plants get water? Every two weeks sounds like it won’t be enough unless you have some irrigation set up that will keep them watered while you are not there without over watering.


The area gets heavy dewfall every morning and night,and the soil has water storage crystals in it. but i am thinking of a irrigation set up, any ideas on a set up.
I was go build a square grow container, what would be a good height. Is 1 ft to small. :?:


Perhaps you could get a battery powered timer. that connect to hose bib. Get some sort of reservoir and place it uphill from the grow. The timer normally just comes and is used commonly for drip gardens. If you fabricate a spicket to a plastic barrel; Yuo can use gravity to water the plants. The timer will come on and all it will do is be passive. You are merely opening the spicket…sort of.

Follow me?