Contacted by Mr. Danks

So I was contacted on social media by Mr. Danks who I have kept tabs on for a couple months. Mr. Danks is an anonymous fellow who developed a “Secret booster” formula that he randomly sends (for free) to growers who swear by the the results. He even sends a golden ticket like Willie Wonka. He is going to track my progress and when it’s time, he will send the formula. This is great news. Everyday, things are coming more together like I’m being guided on the right path. This also makes for an extra incentive to have a successful grow. The next few months will be very exciting as I have big plans for the next year or so.

Just wanted to tell you guys about this welcome surprise this morning! On the same day I planted my seed also! I’ll send image links after the weekend once I get the setup complete. Or maybe a video tour :sunglasses:

You guys have an awesome weekend!