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How do I contact I cannot find a contact us form like it says. I ordered the 10+ 10 white widow autos last month. Did everything by the book. Just like it said. Absolutely nothing just tried last 3 out of the 20 directly in my soil that my Skittles are in. 10 days and not a single thing I’d like you to email. please contact me

Welcome! Sorry, had to edit your post. No personal information allowed per forum rules. This is the grow support forum. Separate from the seed bank. Contact the seed bank here. (Keep in mind it’s the weekend so there likely won’t be a reply until Monday)

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Thank you. I’m sure I’ll get someone used email provided and sent message. I’m sure they’ll reply next week during normal business hours. blessings all

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Stick around when they get you sorted out and display your grows if you’re comfortable.


Waiting on my second , everything good :relieved:

Try good lick be patient they go thru alot of orders everydau and mail and all is jacked up so bad now a days.

Wow just got an answer back on my seeds that didnt germ. Sent email yesterday and yesterday they returned email with a coupon code. Way 2 go ilgm. That was super quick if i must say so myself. Hope yours goes as quick try the link i posted worked for me fast

I am a new buyer from these providers and I am starting to get a bit nervous. ILGM took my money almost immediately. That was 12 days ago. We’ve received absolutely no emails from these people.

To make matters worse, that customer contact form has you going in circles. These guys came highly recommended. So far, I am not happy.

They are 100% legit, long time customer, also as for emails, I had a few go to spam for some reason most of the time they go in the inbox,

That is exactly what happened. It went to my wife’s spam and, well, that’s were it remained. I write the fine folks at ILGM, they responded within an hour or so (on a Saturday) and told me my seeds would be arriving that afternoon. Sure enough, they did.

This is our first attempt at growing this and are very excited. Going to to be outdoor Iowa soil. We’ve had a large vegi garden the last 7 years, this year we grow our own medicine. :joy::joy:

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Good deal my friend,

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