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Not sure if this is in the right place but wanted to get some insight. I typically smoke wraps or joints and recently have been looking to find a cleaner way to consume aside from eating it. With that I bought my first herb vaporizer for $60 hoping it’s a better alternative. I dont mind it but still kinda miss the longer buzz you get from smoking. It does have temp control too btw. But does anyone know about the benefits of say the pax3 or Ghost in comparison to “beginner” vapes? Will they get u high longer? Are they even safer than smoking? Do high priced ones have bigger ovens?

I have the ghost mv1. I really like it. It depends on your dosage too. For me, one full bowl of the ghost I’m good. It typically lasts for about 3-4 hours depending on the strain.

I definitely think that it’s safer than smoking. I don’t have asthma, but I’ve never preferred smoking. I can tolerate vaping flower. It keeps temps lower than combustible temperatures.

Not sure about larger ovens, but I know on the ghost it has a sizable element that heats incoming air, then the heated air passes through the flower. This is a convection type vape.


You everywhere @Covertgrower :rofl:. Ok word def wanted to snag one but wanted to make sure that it was a good move. Dumb question but how do you know when the flower is dead? I mean it turns brown pretty quickly to me and essentially just smells like decarbed bud so wasn’t sure how long to keep hitting it.

I try to be everywhere. But sometimes I get busy too. Just trying to give back to the cannabis community.

I think I understand what you’re asking.

When to stop vaping the flower in the ghost?

I have mine on the second lowest setting. Usually it’s about 4-6 draws. Good indication of all trichomes have been “vaporized” is you see less and less vapor. On the 6th draw (approximately) there’s almost no visible vapor.

@merlin44 also has a few of them. As does @AAA


Well as always I appreciate your insight. And def good to know…I was hitting this APX one for like 15 min haha. Wasn’t getting much vapor even with fresh flower so I imagine that’s likely just related to the build? Scanning over the ghost now and wondering if I should get that or a desktop since now I have this $60 portable.

If you or anyone can give me some insight on the portable vs desktop pros n cons that will be great cuz maybe I really don’t even need to buy another? I typically smoke about 3/4 of a blunt in a sesh which would be a lot of emptying on this portable baby so was thinking maybe desktops have bigger compartments? Sorry I’m going in. I’ve been reading up but still feel like idk what’s what.


I have the portable ghost. Yes, I get about 4 good vapored hits. I like it, but one solid bong rip gets me higher.


That’s what I was kinda feeling @AAA. But the smoke man the smoke. I feel like I need one I could put a half gram in or something. The volcano’s seem to create some solid vapors but my bank account ain’t built for that lifestyle. I’ve also considered trying to get a press long term but idk. What I do know is I gotta stop smoking blunts.


I’ve been smoking the hemp wraps. They are a bit less harsher than blunt wraps and tabbacco free. They have all sorts of flavors but smoking is never healthy. @TheAlchemist


As @Covertgrower mentioned, I do have two Ghost MV1’s plus I have an Arizer EQ for desktop use.

I like both very much but use the Arizer exclusively when I am at home. I don’t use the bag, I use the EQ as though it were a hookah. The Arizer V Tower is much cheaper and does not have a fan like the EQ.

I draw on a load in either device until it quits producing visible vapor. 4 - 6 hits on the MV1, much much longer for the Arizer due to larger loading.


Yeah been using the 100% organic non GMO xyz 123 38 22 wraps as well as the others and I like em. I actually love being able to sit outside and casually smoke and relax but I also dont wanna feel like I got 45lb weights on my chest lol.


Sweet so there is a potential benefit to having both then? Like the convenience of the portable one but the desktop for a more smoking, chilling, kinda experience? I feel like the idea of the portables is to catch a buzz on the go opposed to actually spending time in your buzz. Idk if that makes sense?


Exactly @TheAlchemist , when home and sitting I use the desktop, when outside or away from home the portable.

What the situation, I have it covered.

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This sounds similar to my better half. She can do a whole gram of flower, and still appear normal. You’ll either need to reload and do multiple bowls, or go straight to dabs. You can do dabs in the ghost too.

I have no experience with desktop models, but probably worth looking into, considering most of my medicating at home.


Alright now this us getting more interesting…so…is there a difference in dabbing regularly vs with the vaporizer?

I might check that out then I was online eyeballing the Arizers

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Dabbing is a little different. But it’s also vaporized and not burned.
Dabbing is heating up and inhaling the vaporized pure resin.

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Yeah I’ve seen a good bit of videos on pressing etc and shew…expensive setup I tell ya. Would u say that herb vaping is cleaner than dabbing or not much difference because the means by which to get the cannabinoids is relatively the same. I wanna try Dabs but I’m a big advocate of knowing where your ish comes from and making sure it’s as clean as possible. And dropping a G + for a press ain’t happening no time soon. I like my marriage Haha. The more I grow tho I think the more important that becomes for me to ensure getting good produce.

Man I want to buy the volcano but the damn ban is still active smh I found one for like 400

Well if u get it lmk and I’ll load u up cuz I’m not sure I could ever sell that price tag to my wife whether its efficient or not. Now if it starts cleaning the floors or something like that maybe. Until then :skull_and_crossbones:

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Haha will do