Consistent temp in cold region

A question from a fellow grower:

I live in a very cold region and am having a very tough time keeping a consistent temperature during the dark period. Do you have any suggestions ?

I to have trouble with cool temps at nightbajd all I did was to but absmall space heater inbmy grow room.
It worked out perfectly
Shop around for one I didnt pay mire than $20. But what ever youbdo keep it away from anything. You dont want a fire.


Let mother nature have her way - marijuana is a very, very hard plant to kill - what stage of growth??

I also have a small space heater but I’ve only used it when the temps have been down in the single digits or below 0, if its 64 or above in tent I don’t sweat it

Lol…! I saw 11 months later after I posted it LMAO I always do this !?