Considering switching to hydro

I have a 4x4 tent and was thinking of switching to hydro after doing soil for my last grow.

If you were starting with just a 4x4 tent and wanted to DIY the whole thing, where would you start?

Just DWC a couple plants or build a recirculating system?

Thanks for the input!


Check out Gary pa hydroponics and heisenbeans on YouTube, thinking about trying a 4 pot system in my 4x8 with room for expansion if i like better than soil!


I would highly suggest checking other hydro grows around the forum. There are many different types of hydro, one might be better than the other to suit your needs. Need more info…

I’m gonna tag a few folks here that may be able to help in your decision.

@peachfuzz @Graysin @OGIncognito @CooterJuice @NUG61 @Chrisr36

There are lots more, just some that comes to mind in no particular order that may can help.

We’ll talk more soon. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I like my DWC system. Really good growth rate and plants are happy.

Just started this years grow cycle and with some Black Berry Kush.


Is it difficult adding water and nutes?

I would skip the foreplay and go for RDWC, having done both RDWC and DWC at this point. The chiller is expensive, but it’s the only thing, and honestly $300 is a small investment in the grand scheme of how much weed you can grow with it and how fast it grows.


Not too difficult. I use the manufacturer feeding schedule with a bit of modification depending on strain and growth stage.
The issues I had are keeping my pH and TDS inline with targets. You need to check daily or at least every other day
For me I was having issues with bugs creeping into my soil and tent. I experimented with Deep Water Culture DWC a 10 years ago with limited success. But I was only home on the weekends. I’ve since retired and don’t worry about leaving the ladies for five or more days.
Main issues with DWC;

  1. pH and TDS
  2. Reservoir water temp (72F ~68-75F)
  3. Changing out water once a week or at least every two weeks. (During early growth once every two weeks, transition to flower through harvest every week)
  4. Waterborne pathogens. Hydroguard protects
    Rhizosphere. (See link below)
  5. Nutrients General Hydroponics Flora Series 10 part. (See Flora Series chart below)

Botanicare Hydroguard

Flora Series 10 part


Additional links for DWC and RDWC.

Check out My Hobby Grow on YouTube for more details


Im no hydro expert, but if you do not have a generator, not sure thst would be a good idea. Maybe im wrong but would think it be necessary

A generator?

@Cfpdadto3 I am extremely happy after switching to hydro from dirt about 2 years ago now and I love having more control over what my plant gets and more importantly what it doesn’t get that I don’t what in my finished harvest…my experience is also the smoke is much cleaner and you can really taste the different terps much easier…I kept my DWC setup to the basics …I grow 2 plants in my 4x4 tent…


The hardest part to rdwc is gathering all the pieces and setting it all up.
Do you have any plumbing skills?
Do you want to spend your time watering every day or even once a week or would you be more of a hands off, set it and forget it kind of grower?
Do you have a plan of any kind when it comes to hydro?
A lay out, a diagram?
Do you have a grow room or a tent?
How are you gonna get your water to and from the grow area?
How big is your flower foot print gonna be?
Are you using one light or several?
Are you gonna scrog or not?
What kind of nutes are you gonna use?

In hydro your options would be:
dwc (buckets or totes or coolers),
RDWC (top feed)
RDWC (Undercurrent)
Ebb & flow

These are just a few of the question one should ask themselves. Not really wanting answers for all these but, It is some things to consider when it comes to hydro.

I’m more of a set it and forget it kind of fella. Also a DIY’er.
I have a RDWC (undercurrent) that consist of:
One trashcan for a res.
Two totes to grow in (1 plant in each tote).
One 400 gph inline water pump
One 950 gph air pump.
A 200 watt ChilLed Tech x3mini light above each tote.
And a water chiller.
My system runs 21 gal of water. I went about 45 days without adding any ph up or down or water. I also use Jack’s 321, which for the simplicity, you cant beat it IMO.

Some of the other systems might be better for you. It just depends on how you want to grow.

Keep in mind, my system may not be the best for everyone but it is the best for me.
Are you confused yet?.. lol
Good luck! :+1: :v: :sunglasses:


Ya, what you do if you lose power?

Oh, I have a generator

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I have a 4x4 tent and my thinking is to do the following
3 totes in line similar to pahydroponics 2x4 system modified to have the reservoir in the tent and to give me easy room to scrog. Doing the waterfall.

I have no issue working with totes and pvc as that’s how created my auto watered for our city chickens.

Thinking of doing Jacks 321 as it seems easiesr


Hey man, lots of knowledge already in here no doubt you’ll get the answers your looking for! As a fairly new grower, I started off in hydro so it’s all i know :laughing:

I as well have a 4x4 tent, my last grow I did 4 plants all in individual DWC bubble buckets. The results were astronomical. But it came with more then it’s fair share of headaches to maintain all 4 plants in individual reservoirs.

I am currently doing a grow in an RDWC. Maaad shout out to @HappyHydroGrower

Here’s some snaps from my last grow in the buckets. Feel free to ask any questions! Best of luck :+1::raised_hands:
And shout outs to @Graysin the all knowing, :laughing: I know he loves that bucket root ball picture


You’re right. I love that pic. Best example of why you don’t sell DWC short. I love growing in coco, but it will never be the same as growing in straight hydro.

He’s the OG MVP. Learned all I know from him and @Underthestairs , plus several others along the way. :v:


Can I get this done with the lowes buckets and 2 inch pvc since I already have them or do I need to go up to 3 inch or is that too big for the buckets?

The only big issue with having your res inside your tent is you’ll create a lot of heat from your water pump, air pump and a chiller, which is highly recommended. It’s best if you have everything outside your tent if possible, except your grow sites and lights.

Hydro is not for small plants. If you put 3 plants in a 4x4, it will be extremely crowded. Don’t get me wrong, it will work, but…

I have a 3x5 ft print for two plants and have to keep them small. I also run a scrog which helps with in keeping them small.

This was my first hydro run. At that time my flower ft print was 42”d x 60”w.

Total chaos… lol :point_down:t2:


I’ve learned to dial it back a little to suite my needs and growing style a little better. :point_down:t2:


This is last week of my current grow. I’ve even made it a little smaller than it was last grow. Each scrog is 28”x32”.

I know, I know… hydro’s not for small plants… haha… but it can work. :point_down:t2:


With that being said, we get what we want out of it. And, it’s ours and we like it… :wink:

Thanks brother. I just try to pay it forward… :call_me_hand:

Makes two of us brother. After all, who needs water to grow in when you have roots like that… lol :v:

Ahh, but you’d be surprised how we learn from each other my friend!! :wink::+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Definitely @Cfpdadto3 you can route your pvc through a hole perhaps to outside the tent.

Hey so if your talking about the basic 5 gallon buckets? Then definitely not, putting a 2” hole in a round bucket for pvc wouldn’t work.
Try using totes, or square buckets :+1: