Connecting exhaust to dryer duct

Any experience here? Recommended equipment? Thanks!

@Countryboyjvd1971 might be able to help

Once upon a time, in less legal conditions, I used 6in dryer vent /with dryer sheets and lint to mask the smell and looks :slight_smile:


That’s old school for sure!

I would think 4" hose clamps would work fine. I’m using foil dryer vent for my 4" intake fan. I hope I’m understanding the question.

I already have a dryer vent going outside. How do I connect a second duct to that to push out grow room exhaust? Do I purchase a y connector? Anything to consider or will it just work?

Something like this. Probably cheaper at a local hardware store.


Probably way cheaper at a local hardware store, well said matt



I would think a “T” would work better than a 45 degree

Ok thanks. Question on fan placement…





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You will want to use this type connection(like the one you posted) it your going to tie into existing dryer exhaust duct keep in mind even with this y type connecter you need to keep exhaust fan running constantly to prevent heat from dryer back flowing into tent put dryer on strait run and add exhaust from tent on to angled connection
Put filter in tent connect duct to filter exit tent hang in line exhaust fan connect duct to intake side of fan
Off exhaust side of fan connect duct and run out to y connection you installed on dryer duct
I would use a 6 inch inline fan and reduce it at to 4 inch and y pipe connection and use speed controller also

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