Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana

Very interesting developments!

Hopefully this means we will be even more happily growing and toking!



thats good news for sure. yet i still worry…after upcoming presidential election i suppose anything could happen.

nearly ever Republican candidate swears its the devil’s grass!
hillary is sort of indifferent about it. and bernie,…well he’s bernie lol, no worries there.

still any progress, is good progress.


I am trying to closely follow what might be happening in Canada with Trudeau. If anyone has a link to what might be going on I would truly appreciate it.

Back in 2008, especially around 2012, man, I swear folks were saying federally recognized medical marijuana was in the bag, meaning a sure thing, …under some sort of new democrat liberal power,…which basically means I still have to worry about secrecy and near total unemployability just for some minor use of medical marijuana, right on down to I think the Veterans Administration is trying to get me to come in for a follow up drug pee test only two weeks after I gave one while negotiating new treatment for migraine/neck damage cause I almost got hospitalized from the effects of not being able to keep anything down, and dehydrrated due to migraine/nervous system attack…Anyway, I thiought we in the US had a bunch of democrats that pretty much can do anything, say anything, but I live still in “fear”. I don’t trust any political party, they all do things according to back room deals, etc, I mean, if medical marijuana does become legal finally, I haven’t read that story, then both parties will use it for personal gain, the dems with all sorts of overregulations and taxes and fees, and the republican inclined with using the issue to ban it most places even if legal. Ironically, one of the bigger citties near me, the democrats won’t allow the dispensaries, or anything selling now Oregon legal pot at all in the city, nor any paraphenalia,…apparently they claim they need several years to properly be able to tax and fee even locally($50 a joint? doubt a $2 joint and $48 tax and fees).

I wouldn’t be all pent up on this subject if I didn’t have the va trying to get me to come in for another drug test, they have a big picture of Obama so large on the wall, I’ll probably see it again in the next week or two when I get pressured with something more than phone calls trying to get me to come in for lab work, they’ll accuse me of using drugs so they won’t have to pretty much save my life with proper medical treatment they have already been with holding. I am real disappointed with liberal democrat politics these days, I mean, I even worry about having authorities coming in to scrutinze my medical grow, measuring all the plants, getting in trouble if a number of plants grew over twelve inches, etc.

Eh, but I have lived in fear before, i mean, when I did service in the late 80’s to early 90’s barring gulf war deployment, I used some hash, regular pot, even got drug tested when I didn’t get out of the barracks soon enough on vacation, …passed that pee test somehow, either from excessive drinking the night before and emptying my bladder plenty, or I have some sort of strange metabolic makeup, cause I was snitched out again, me and my room mate, but I came up negative even though I had smoked a humongous amount of hash two days prior, I mean, if I remember rightly, was tested again, after having smoked some a week prior, in a barracks sweep of everyone, had the “special treatment” apart from others, had a sargeant of the testers bend over watching me urinate with a flashlight in the “problem area” to make sure I wasn’t switching out pee for someone elses…yup you guessed it, …no positive,…beat the system,…I probably beat the system due to pure 100% Heineken beer, dutch beer, I loved that stuff, 16oz cans, young and able to par-tay, and hold my liquor, I probably flushed out all the 40 day markers or turned my urine acidic, too acidic for their tests to work, might make sense since heard of cook who downed a bottle of vinegar to fool the tests, haha. And I’ll beat the system again, hopefully, but supposedly the VA aint working for “Big Brother” on weed against veterans, …errrrr, but like I said, the fear of them screwing over my care for service related injuries.

It is funny you put all this blame on liberal democrats…smh. If you’ve noticed, the laws and bills get passed in congress, and because Democrats didn’t get out to vote in the midterms, the Republicans won control of congress. This is why Obama has had such a hard time getting anything done, having to fight with congress at every move.

I’m sorry budbd, but it isn’t the Democrats fault at all per say. It is true sometimes they can get overzealous and over-regulate things, and maybe the taxes on MJ in your area are a result of this, but in 2008 when there was so much hope because Obama had won the white-house, no one had any idea the crazies would come out the wood work and obstruct any progress for the nation as a whole, and then he won again in 2012, but the entire of his 8 years have been a fight, again because the liberal Democrats couldn’t be bothered to come out and vote in the mid terms and vote in a congress that he could work with.


Ha, well, I quit going to church when I came of age thirty years ago, ya know, when I started thinking for myself, and so much these days the democrats, and many of the republicans, they are the two biggest “church” organizations in the US, folks so devout now in their good books that any conversations on “politics” can no longer be done, nobody has an open mind, and intolerance to opposing views are so commonplace it scares me. I used to be a democrat, and a republican, not so now, I mean, its uselss. I came up with some terms recently, for them all in power, I mean, I got some neat one liners to describe democrats and republicans in power, errrrr, but ha, I don’t want to interrupt church… One thing that would be good is if the current system completely collapsed and a new more clarified form of democracy was introduced, I mean, even the supreme court decides cases based upon which party they are in, now.

I wonder if pot really will be federally recognized for medical uses? Fingers crossed as usual.

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While I sure understand this position, I still feel it is important to work with what you have. There are positive steps made within either ruling majority. It’s kinda like when Fred Rogers used to say that when there is chaos and ugliness around, you need to look for the people doing good to inspire you. I trust that even though you have checked out of the political system you continue to be one of those inspiring others by your actions. Peace :smile:


Huh?, taleone? I am not understanding that “zen wisdom” you just posted. I guess what you are saying is nobody should vote, much less vote for some of these demo/republo clowns? Is this post heading towards some sort of “progressive surmon”? I hope not, that someone was trying to give me some "advice"in order to enlighten me. Here, I’ll finally give some advice now that I have been likely advised, …don’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you want to keep on smoking pot, cause oh yeah, they will take up this multibillion dollar issue under her wing, like they did with the Obama care,…which is sort of working in alot of places maybe, and fix it so you’ll never want medical marijuana in a legal manner, which means for alot of folks clandestine home growing as usual. And alot of folks will be wanting to use more and more pot to reduce “anxiety” and maybe even headaches, once the floodgates are opened up for more and more terrorists with open arms right along with squashing free speech griping about it, much less when they send around all the goons to confiscate firearms and “discover” all across america that folks have secret pot grows, …“untaxed and unregulated” pot grows. When the country turns into a police state, I figure they will be building some camps where they concentrate certain political prisoner types, maybe even folks who didn’t pay a ten thousand dollar fee to grow four or five plants legally, etc etc Enjoy.

If it were up to me, I’d eliminate both parties, and then maybe we’d have some real socialism, or so it would be called. There would be like some show trials for various big names,…like hilarious clinton, maybe even george bush(iraq war crime), and I mean, of course, nothing goes better with getting rid of bad rubbish like with the death penalty, so crooked most of them are they have killed people. A utopian society would not only have legalized marijuana medically and recreationally across the nation, but we’d all be smoking and joking and toking while watching the weekly televised “crimes against humanity hangings”, maybe there would be some sports betting on various hanging issues, like betting if obama or hillary clinton would insult or says something political for their last words, or if george bush would do the same,(probably would bring up fuzzy math issue). …Haha, I’ll smoke a bowl to that thought of a perfect world. I call it a progressive train of thought, I do, cause like I said, I felt liberal years ago, and alot of liberals fall into the thoughts of only one party in power, so I sort of feel like a “real liberal” or maybe a socialist, …just what folks seem to be yearning for in recent decades.

How about that progressive surmon, eh?

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You have long posts with lots of letters but your saying some things that, I think, I have believed in forever. I have been a Bernie Sanders supporter since he was in Congress and have worked on and continue to contribute to his Presidential race. He represents, in my opinion, the best step forward for our country. Democratic Socialism. However if that doesn’t pan out due to voter apathy ( like yours) or the big wheels rolling over the little guy, then the best option left will be Hillary. I will vote in that direction. Progressive. I have worn the label for most of my adult life. I think that your utopia sounds a lot like anarchy…but if that’s how you see it I hope you find that “special” place you’re looking for. Going back to the original post I see it as a step in the right direction.

“Long posts and lots of letters”? Ha, remember, toking and typing don’t mix well. I sure must have missed berney sanders on his views of medical marijuana, unsure of those positions. Besides, he wasn’t allowed to really run against the democrat pick for democrat candidate, and he knows it, the bill clinton wife political machine already dropped an october surprise on him as some sort of scandal so he is through, besides, he is like subservient to Bill Clintons’ wife, the former first lady, and seems like she had some antidrug program going on when she was first lady, I remember her talking against the use of marijuana.

Apart from that, I have been trying to verify that medical marijuana is now recognized, I mean, unless I am reading that wrong, like its “proposed” or something, I believe it is still schedule 1. Maybe this means that Tommy Chong will never get raided again for selling items used namely for pot use only, like pot pipes. I suppose those, knowing guv double talk, he’d just get “arrested” instead of being “raided”. …Well, we know there won’t be any pressures at least till after the next presidential appointee of the two parties and their business associates is sworn in.

The jist of it is that the dea will not use their resources or power to raid facilities in states that have legalised it. Illegal grows and states that haven’t legalised it are still fair game. It doesn’t do anything the change the scheduling of the drug either.

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Once the American Medical Association stops feeding off the tit of Big Pharmaceutical companies and finally acknowledges that there is medicinal use for cannabis they would have to at least reschedule it as a lower risk. The whole point of schedule 1 is no medicinal use.


First of all, I am a firm believer in separation of church and state. And I know that isn’t exactly what budbd is talking about.

Budbd, himself admits he is not up on the issues, it makes me really wonder where he does get his limited information to then come here and think somehow we are the ones uninformed and just going along with the “team”.

And it’s extra funny and very silly as it is very obvious – somebody has their “church” that they subscribe to, lol and it doesn’t sound like it is taleone or me preaching a sermon. Maybe it is the church of conspiracy theories and talk radio that they get their sermon from.

Not only that, it is clear who has decided to turn this into ad hominem attacks, and actually what @taleone has said about long letters, is clearly a comment about budbd’s long posts, or long diatribes, full of these attacks but that have no substance or fact to support his arguments, and as Socrates has said: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

It is funny, budbd acts exactly the way many new growers do when I answer their questions and don’t tell them what they would prefer to hear. I see it time and time again, even though I tell them exactly the correct information they need to solve their problems, they will take the advice of others that chime in on the post with an answer that they would rather hear, just because it sounds easier to them, even if in the end it turns out to be the wrong information and doesn’t really help them.

Absolutely we should not treat politics as our favorite sports team and keep rooting for “our” team when they continue to do horribly.

Actually Sanders has come out in favor of legalizing cannabis, and his popularity is so strong, even Hillary has had to move on her position to a more cannabis friendly approach.

And finally, if you really think both parties are the same, you really haven’t been paying attention at all, and in closing I’ll just leave this you-tube as an example as further proof of my point that they are not at all alike, especially when it comes to our favorite herb:


gotta respect a guy that can put the “gentleman from louisiana” in his place…while wearing a bow tie.

thumbsup Earl Blumenauer!


I live in Utah… We all know about the lack of separation between church and state here :wink:


MacGyver Stoner that is a great link and it also attaches to Bernie’s position on Marijuana. As a kid who grew up in the 60’s I have seen many small steps forward and as stated above the wall comes down 1 brick at a time.


I agree with MacGyver on the new grower thing. I am a new grower and I listen to everyone. I have to pick an opinion if I am to act. But I always verify the one I want to use. I don’t care about easier or harder to solve the issue. It seems to me that this is the only spot I have seen animosity so far on this whole forum. I blame it on the political information here. It’s kind of why I stay Swiss on political topics. It’s less controversial being neutral.
But well stated above MacGyver.


I may have missed it but I didn’t notice anyone mention that Donald Trump is Pro Medical Marijuana!?

I’m an independent. I don’t want to voice an opinion here, but I will say that I have NEVER had anything frighten and concern me as much as this seemingly liberal move to control and defined free speech! (or perhaps better said, what they deem as acceptable speech)

It seems it’s only okay to hold an opinion as long as it agrees with their preferred Dogma.

That, my friends is not free speech.


I have a single political stance… I am pro “mind your own damn business”

as such… Johnson/Weld 2016

why have the left nut, or the right nut,… when you can have the Johnson