Congrats to Montana, Arizona, New Jersey and South Dakota

Congrats to Montana, Arizona, New Jersey and South Dakota for voting to legalize weed.
Almost at the tipping point for national approval. In my opinion these are all conservative states.


If anybody needs lights, better get your order in now, lol


@BobbyDigital Yes, there will be lots more “customers” for supplies. There are already people growing there, but this opens up legal interest. It will probably take a really long time for the states to determine their rules, and set up regulation infrastructure, but the DEA and local cops will probably back off on enforcement. In my opinion, once the local dispensaries open up, and law-abiding citizens start buying $300 ounces, many people will determine that growing their own is the best option.

But yeah, tents, lighting, fans and filters, plus grow nutrients will see a big increase.

@moderators Expect a few thousand Noobies to register and need help.


Thanks! I am restarting my exploration with pot after 45 years now that it is legal here in Arizona. I am eager to relearn and learn. I will be growing outdoors with no more than 6 plants. Mostly exploring it to give me yet another hobby in retirement.

Hey new here. Looking to move to south dakota this summer. Not sure exactly where to go. Preferring close to Nebraska line. What is a good city to start out in? Also looking for place for a camper.

nj is a liberal seespool !!! I live in nj and everybody is blue… well atleast in the densely populated areas… never used to be. god help us