Hi Guys its been a few since I was last here but I am totally confused about my plants.i ordered white widow 5seeds +5 free for 80$ when I got them there were 20 seeds and they all turned out to be different allow me to show you.

Actually the deal was 5 for $45 get 5 free and 10 for $79 get 10 free, so you got the twenty seeds deal at your price break. Remember, even with feminized you will have different phenotype expression, so they won’t always look or behave exactly the same, keep clones of your favorite ones if you want a more similar growing plant, generation after generation. With regular non-feminized seeds you can get even greater variation.

I agree. The only way you can expect your entire grow to be alike; Is to grow an entire crop from clones. From seed; Each plant will take it’s own shape. White widow is not a pure strain, That is all you have to remember. Peace.

Glad to hear from you. Still waiting on my ticket…:slight_smile:

OH OK Now I understand.The 2nd pic from the bottom was my “special needs” plant.In the beginning she had some crazy curl going on in a few places so I kind of neglected her than I cut off her curls and she snapped right back but that was as big as she got. The sad ending to this all was “pollination” Somebody had like 33 plants growing in backyard and they were males…Stupid people have no business growing outdoors. Cant fix stupid. However it wasn’t till the end that mine were showing there lil testes.But what I ended up with was some screaming bud. I need to work on my taste and smell but the cure is doing a wonderfull job.With the trim I made some cannabutter and than made oatmeal cookies.I also put my stems in some alcohol in the sun for a day or 2 and gave it to my friends grandmother for her arthritis.She rubbed a lil on her knees and tears formed in her eyes as it worked instantly and she didn’t have to use her cane the rest of that day.All in all I am happy people in my circle are happy and I got to say Thanks ILGM.As for your ticket Latewood…Its in the mail…lol So I geuss until next year . Let me know about your hydro store…Keepin it green!!!

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Thanks for sharing. Enjoy :mrgreen: