Confusion pre harvest flush autos

I’ve seen similar questions about flushing autos and it’s super all over the place!.. Rn trychs are 50% cloudy. I’m using FFOF medium and ff liquid trio(+c-mag, molasses ff sledgehammer flush) I flushed yesterday with sledgehammer. My plans (correct me if wing please)
Just continue to water with 6.5-6.8 ph. & water when needed. I feel like I went early… maybe just wanting more growth…? Will she still swell during this nute free hopefully couple more weeks?
Thanks tribe! Much love :green_heart::v:t2:

Your granted to be confused because there is no data backing up flushing, Infact most data supports not flushing although its weak at best.

Your in soil so it’s not really flushing, just water without feed for a proper flush.

Two downsides to flushing:
your buds look like junk if you flush to early because all the green goes yellow and then brown and crusty.
You limit nutrients in the key final two weeks when buds swell the most and plants are hungriest.

I would wait until half are cloudy and then only water if you want to flush, although my recommendation is switch to coco and don’t flush ever.

Instead harvest in the dark, snip your plants main stem as soon as you open the tent you have a minute or less before sugars rush up after a 48 darkness period which increases thc concentration due to lighting not degrading it.

Nicky…! Ty for the info! I flushed yesterday with fox farms sledgehammer… I am @ 45-50% cloudy rn… well yesterday morning anyways(:… With that being said how does this sound? Just water & molasses (1gal/1TBLS) when needed until I cut.? And should I expect more growth? Because she definitely has more bulking up to do… Man… y’all angels kick ass! 11/10 customer service :green_heart: ty​:blush:

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And I’m switching to coco when I go thru the dirt I have rn… it looks like it’s easier! Top dress once a month or something & just PHwater (:

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Your buds will bulk up yes. Ensuring their environment is ideal is important in all the variables.
I don’t know much about the molasses tactic other than it should be non sulfate black strap molasses, it adds sugars to the plant organically etc etc.

Watch tricombs and keep it dialed in best you can do lots of reading in our grow journals section and you will learn alot.

Don’t top dress coco. 50/50 perlite, pick a good nutrient line that’s affordable for you and fly away.
If your in the USA or Canada I suggest (and many on here do) Jack’s nutrients
It’s a 3part nutrientd
Part A
Calcium nitrate
Magnesium sulfate
Buy a silica product for extra plant strength and boom done.
Very affordable

I do have a pretty good environment imo… I didn’t know that about coco. I follow a guy on YouTube Mrcannucks grow out something like that. he’s a coco guy and top dresses with gaia green amendments… I know very very little about it tho…(: l will def keep an eye on them! And would u say chop down going totally off the trychs? Or I guess the leaves will be yellowing ect…

Always chop by tricombs.
Gaiga green is a bottle. Nutrients, bottled nutrients contain water so your paying for water, they also expire as they have a shelf life, they are also more expensive.
Do your self a favor and stick to dry nutrients early on.
Mega crop is another some like although not many here use it it is very popular

I flush but I don’t start until about 1/3 have ambered so it’s a week to 10 days before harvest. I can’t speak to any benefits I just was advised to do it and have been each time , so it’s just habit now.

What is flushing; how is it done and how frequently?