Confused? What is it?

Hey everybody. Had couple bag seed i threw in the tent with my autos. This is my first grow so I’m green. Its only 3 1/2 weeks looks like a male?? And showing in 3 1/2 weeks is this a auto??

looks like a boy to me.

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They haven’t opened yet??

Definitely male

Thats a male. :pensive:

In the pictures you took of the male they don’t
seem open. You will have to inspect everything to know if any opened.

If one did, you will get more seeds than you care for.

Could be a autoflower showing in 3.5 weeks?. Lights are 18/6

Its a Male and they grow super, super, super aggressive. Which means they grow big and tall faster than a female photoperiod. This is how it is.

My last male was 5 times bigger than the 2 females I had. Yes, I grew it on purpose. Planted at the same time.

I highly doubt its an Auto.


If you want your autos to have seeds than by all means keep it growing but you have several people telling you its a male.

Got it thanks everyone!

@First-grow You’re welcome. What strains do you have in the tent? Including the male.

Or all of them bag seeds? I ask because if they are good buds, you may just want to let Nature take its course.

The seeds need to be in the plant for at least 6 weeks to mature.

My buddy had 48 bag seeds and only 3 made
it. All three was 6” tall with “6 colas. For bag seed, I can say its been the strongest I have ever smoked.

The couch lock effect had me glued and it felt like my soul left my body and was floating above me for over 3 hours. The name I called it is not PC. Not a swear word.


Gorilla glue#4 and Stargazer currently. Next run Auto Ultimate and Blueberry

Then I would pull that male carefully. I’m not a fan of GG due to it makes me cough something fierce. So you don’t want to violate them.

@First-grow im with you, how could it not be an autoflower? It flowered (grew genitals) on an 18/6 light schedule. Photo
Periods dont do that to my knowledge… Ive had bagseeds be autos…

Cool. I have 1 more from the same bag that’s showing female.

Is it flowering? Or just showing first white hairs or pistils at the nodes (preflower)? You got a pic if the female?

Sorry @First-grow im just very curious. If both your bag seeds were autos, you could breed some more autoflower seeds for free! They wont be feminized though obviously… But you can do that too! I guess if the female is an autoflower too, you could just use colloidal silver and cut the male out of the equation. But in this scenario, youd only get one batch of seeds… Sorry to go off I just love the process of breeding.

Pre- flower

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I got rid of the male. I was scared for my girls.


Oh yeah for sure. If youre in it for quality, ya dont want those seeds… Im just to the point I really want to experiment around. Keep me updated on that female bag seed though please, tag me if you could so i see your posts/comments about it. Happy growing!


Get it out of ur tent