Confused on what's going on with this little gal

ILGM support ticket.

What strain, ILGM AK-47

Method: Soil bottom half FFOF too FFHF

Vessels: fabric pots

PH of Water, NA using distilled water



Light system 4x4 QB 288

Temps; Day, Night 68-79

Humidity; Day, Night 80%

Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch


Co2; No

I have No idea what’s going on with the bottom left plant all other 3 are healthy just watered the day before last and just keeps wilting all other 3 are fine. Don’t have ph or ppm because using distilled water and should take the on of the FF soil

You may have a specific problem, but it could just be genetics. In my current grow I’m growing 7 plants. Six are growing like crazy. One from the start refuses to grow. Been like that from the start.



Genetics is what it is and those are the ones to watch out for. Lol

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My current grow , same strain , big difference


Nice! Looking good my friend :metal:

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On my last grow had similar girl. She produced nice tight buds. Overall probably did as well or better than the others.

So are you guys swinging towards it being a genetic issue? Think she’ll jump back or should I cut my losses?


Won’t hurt to let it grow and see what happens.


. @Dushin91

If you cut it down. You would
be most likely be lossing your best plant. Worst thing you could do my frind. I see and hear about this happening all the time…

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Now thats a nice setup hell ya


I did 2 train wreck strain couple of months ago had 1 that come up like your little one and just stayed there didnt die wilt just wouldnt grow finally had to pull it when the other plant took over the tent heres a pic of the one that grew bye the way I dont recommend sativa in a 60 inch tent and a small pot hard to keep up with water during veg and yes the plant will grow into the light for sure…scrog sativa

this is 13 weeks from the time it broke soil

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Like @garrigan62 pointed out; often the smallest slowest plant to rev up ends up being the monster of the bunch. Remember; you are only seeing what’s going on ABOVE ground.

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Well as of 3 days ago the plant was fine and growing just like the rest the next day it looked like that I thought it needed water but the other 3 were still fine. So I watered them and here we are 2 days later and it looks the same. I thought it was just needing water but it does not appear to be the case I don’t want to chop it I hope it does bounce back

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Be patient; plants don’t respond as quickly as we do.

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We all have one… Its just like that sometimes. Like others have said let it grow and see of it comes back most of the time it’s worth keeping :+1::+1:

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Just genetics generally. No two seeds are alike. Otherwise for example we all would look EXACTLY alike and we don’t. Goes with plants as well.

My GSC Beast was smaller that the plant you have after 1 month. I was going to pull her since she seemed so weak. Needless to say she grew well over 6 feet tall and yielded 8 z’s dried and cured. Something to think about.

Yeah i get the whole genetic thing and being differently just thought it was dying lol

Nah it’s not dying. Trust me you won’t mistake that at all if it was happening.

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I seen the runts take over/catch up many times in the short time I’ve done this.

I had a runt… she stayed a runt, even in flower. Sometimes it’s a crapshoot. I say let her ride.

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