Confused if i should harvest or not

I have a 10 week auto that is steadily stacking new white hairs but the trichomes are 90%milky and some amber here and there its a ILGM girl scout cookies pictures i could get…im checking trichomes every other day and idk if td is the day or no…the brown hairs haven’t receded back into the bud yet and like i said its packing on new growth almost everyday.

Some pictures of the buds and whole plant?

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Let um grow bro they putting on mass. Just beautiful bro. :heart_eyes:


@anon1893985 im down to keep um growing i just don’t wanna go too far and lose quality cuz of my lack if knowledge


Be patient they are beautiful… im new needing advice also but the amber isnt there yet in your pics

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They are just starting to mass and putting on potency. 1-2 more weeks and they will be milky amber… dats da difference between good and awesomeness :ok_hand:… I would really like to know how you got started with materials as far as soil medium organic what did you feed that plant to make it so pretty like that

Lots of white hairs, keep scoping the trichs. Autos can be finicky. Maybe try dropping your hours of lights on a bit… might help hurry her along

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What lights r u using

Little more amber for my taste.

sweet bud

Agree let them go for longer so they can bulk up and tighten up looks great

Ok thank ill keep checking the trichomes like i have been and i have 3 viparspectra p1000 lights and i used gaia green organic nutes bat poo and some worm castings just the normal organic stuff

Running hlg 350r Diablo in 4x2.

What price range is that in…? If you don’t mind me asking.

HLG 350R 350w 120 Volt- Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light | ETL/UL Certified, Samsung LM301H and LM351H Deep Red

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Congrats on grow she looks pretty, I just chopped down my GSC auto at 10-11 weeks of flower, add 39 days for sprout seeding put me at 14-15 weeks from sprout. I would definitely wait a lil longer maybe stop feeding nutes and go straight water, your getting close. Also I like to see yours looks like mine,just about the same coloring and bud structure


@Kingkupa yeah im only doing water now i didnt think about stopping the teas i water 3x a week i could do more but i dont want to over water haha im hopeing in 2 weeks shell be hanging to dry

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Oh my that’s beautiful :heart_eyes: you should be proud of yourself bro :heart:

Same plant i posted above a few days agago in thinking shes ready to harvest but again im not sure and don’t want to screw anything up…the hairs are turning brown besides the very tops if the buds they are still throwing white hair’s haven’t fed since this post shes been drinking a liter of water every other day she would probably drink more if i wasnt scared to over water…let me know what you guys think plz