Confused by difference in same strain

Growing in tent, white widow autiflower. There doing amazing. I’m really in Awe!! But my question is, 6 seeds all the same. All GERMANATED, and growing at a crazy. No complaints. But 4 are very white widowy, 2 are branched like white widow , but are busier and haven’t formed buds yet. Like the other 4!! My question is… Different strain? Should I cut there light cycle to 12/12? So they will bud? Or just let them go, and they will bud? Any help is extremely welcome. Thanks

Those autos do what they want I’m growing wwa right now all same age and none really look alike hope you have a nice size tent cause they can get some size to them i had mine in a tent and they out grow it plus some other issues if you like I can tag you in my post so you can see the different of each plant I’m new to growing and had a few issues but they still got some size

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My wwa is 6 months old. Today marks 120 days flower


I am also growing WWA. They look mostly the same except one that was a runt and was yellow. When 2 parents have children they all look different and these seeds are the same way. Sounds like there growing go so no worries.
Also mine have been in the bloom room and are just starting pistils at 6 weeks

Here is what mine look like. The lower right one is the yellow runt.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:


Holy smokes @HornHead that is crazy

Both of your plants look like they are doing great, keep up with what you are doing.

Very cool, thank you! Mine are very identical in differences. 4 budded up like your top pics. 2 very bushy like bottom pic. Great looking grow. Nicely done. Info on being 120 days us very helpful. Just a little impatient here. But loving this grow! Thanks

6 weeks in


6 weeks in on both


Very nice. I’d drop light schedule for 12/12 to get the other 2to flower

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Thank you!

Ive grown out about 30 wwa from ilgm and seem to get 3 differnt pheno types but mostly 2 show. One is big fat indica like leaves and a million branches the other skinnier leaves and if left to its own it wants to do the classic xmas tree shape. If u check my grow journals you can see some picts. The wwa from ilgm is very vigorous genetics, and both produce heavy yeilds and A+ flowers. The first phenos discribed all went between 85-95 days the 2nd pheno was about 10days to 2wks shorter. Lst or early topping/fim makes them go even a little longer. The size containers also seemed to effect how long they took to finish up and final yeilds. I grew them in a mix of 5-7gal the first couple and the last 12 were all in 3gal.


Just like kids. Sometimes they resemble the milkman.