CONFUSED.... but then again what else is new?

Oh Gurus of Greenery, Masters of Marijuana, Grand Masters of Ganja …I have questions…

Ok lemmie splain sumfin Lucy…so I have 3 Northern lights Auto/Fem…been going since March? in the final throws of passionate flower making…and BAM…something happened…

On this one girl…Since day one I had one plant that just looked different…so I nicknamed her “The Mutant”
she had white leaves with green veins and just looked wrong…after a while she became more ike the others but with a stunted growth and looked just “off”

Living up to her name I came home today and inspected the girls and much to my surprise…The Mutant has given me 3 seeds… I know right? …How could she do such a thing…she does not seem to be a Hermaphrodite…and she has no pollen sacs… neither do her sisters… they are all inside a grow box that has never had a male in it…it’s like an immaculate conception …they all stressed out for a few days with a missed watering incident but all three bounced back and look and smell GREAT…
WTF? I looked her over really good and it seems those are the only 3 I could see…

I have since removed her from the group and due to lack of space I guess her time has come…i can’t continue her in a different location…she is mostly cloudy with a few ambers so it’s not too far off…always knew she would finish first and be the exception to the rule…

I have to wonder whats up with those seeds though…will they be fems?..regular?

I have never read about a plant just developing 3 seeds…i guess there could be more and I will look when shes drying…but HOW?

Interesting enough… there is a strain. Called Cha-Ching. Was born under similar circumstances. The guy got raided or a fire or something. And saved one plant. Lost all mothers/seeds/genetics. But as he smoked his unpollinated high quality reefer… 3 seeds bounced out. He exclaimed ChaChing! Only one seed germinated. And the rest… is history.

She prolly hermed on u (only a namner or two) and the seeds are more then likely reg seeds (could be fems tho) long story short. A gift from the ganja gods. Drop it in water and let it keep giving!


I’ve got a 4x8 taped off to the best of my inabilities which allows some light to pass in. Light during dark times for flower can cause some herm to the exposed area. I get a few here and there and label and save for future use. Without a male to pollinate tho self pollination of even f to f will produce female seeds. Least that’s what I’ve been told and/or read.

I don’t know man.

If your girlfriend or wife came home saying she was pregnant and you had not had sex with her, would you believe that there was not a male in mix?

You got a male sac on one of those.

friggen males always causin troubles

i will check the other 2 for seeds tomorrow…right now im snippin an trimmin this biatch…

12 seeds so far 1/2 way thru her…will finish her tomorrow puttin her back in cause the damage is done what can happen?

so will these seeds be auto/fems too?

btw how do i handle the trim? eventually gonna be coconut oil…or gonna do alcohol and evaporate it…how to i dry it?

If fem’s herm and pollinate fems? I think u get more fems. Dont quote me on that tho.

And slow dry is always, ALWAYS better. Hang em somewhere dark and not uber wet. With good air circulation and touch the buds every other day. Between 4-6 days they should feel rightt but the insides are always still a bit damp. Some people add brown bags to the equation to help a more even dry. Another good… checker is to bend a smaller stem. If it ‘snaps’ (dont have to break, just want the crunch noise) then she is almost jar ready. After u jar her, open her up a couple times a day. I even pull them out once for 10 or so mins. After a week or so u should be ready to start ur…

Dangit u said trim. I just throw trim in a brown bag. Or jar with no lid :joy::joy: sorry bout that