Confused as to what could be happening

Hi everyone. Could do with a bit of help. My auto was doing well , growing big and looking good . But noticed a day or two ago that it slowed right down on height growth . I thought it was looking a bit dark as in leave colour. I noticed a crispy tip but thought maybe a bit of water got on it and fryed it , th

inks there a touch of the claw

It’s exactly 25 days old under a 300w led light actually watt 145+5% , no ph, heat never below 24 and never above 27 humidity never below 35 and never above 45 , using bio bizz and nitrogen 20% (green24)so far only been feeding once a week been waiting till its drt for next feed but gave it a bit if plain water today to see what happens

Here’s some pic to help many thanks

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I would definitely start by checking your pH.


Can check tomorrow and keep use posted. Could the pic gave any ideas at all as to what if any problems there is

And here is a chart for pH level! Nutrient_Chart2

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Its not easy to tell until you check your ph as many issue infact nearly all issue start with the ph being wrong and folk getting the diagnosis wrong. Knowing the basics and getting them all right defo reduces these type of issues i learnt tht the hard way with my grow now i got lazy near the end now i have a issue and am a week or so from harvesting. If you keep a note of ph in and the run off also tds meter to track your ppm’s from your nutrients etc.

It’s between 7 & 7.5 am using a soil probe so not as accurate as it could be .

Still high 6.5 or under but no less thn 6.0 ph thy soil probes arent tht great whe it comes to gettong ph etc sorted. You can get them cheap on amazon for ph meter and a tds meter.

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For me to correct the ph would I just mix the nutes in the water let it sit for a min or two. Then use ph down till it says 6.5 or slightly less then add to plant . Am using bottled water that’s always 7. Check this morning it’s starting to but . So what to get her right.


This part I don’t understand…
So…you mix nutes with water, ph-ed to 6.5 then feed your plant… Do you check the runoff? PH and ppm? Also, do you check the mix whit a tds meter?

I never ph’d the water just added the nutes then gave to plant but i no plain bottled water is ph’d at 7 . This is my second grow trying to learn slow . Order a proper ph tester .What’s the best what to lower to the correct level mix nutes in water let it sit then lower the ph with ph down . Then feed to plant .would anyone no how long it would take for it to go back to normal it’s in a 3 gallon pot in bio bizz light mix cause uts strating to bud need it fix sharpish lol thanks for the help.

A little help @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster please… I miss something and…

Im Not sure what tbe question is exactly
What im reading is the plant stalled in upwarc growth
In pictures the plants look healthy over all @Buddy2
I always mix up my nutrients
and have to ph up
After adding nutrients the ph is around 5.6 ot lower dependence on nutrients strength
I would recommend mixing the nutrients up if not using right away just let it sit maybe place a air stone in over night if you wanted
Ph mix right before you use it with ph up or down
A proper ph meter is a must have

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How long what would take ? I think i may be confused

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Is this an auto flowering seed? They look healthy but like they are starting to flower and 20% N would be a little strong during flower the claw looking growth isn’t unusual at start of flower being that tops would be forming as buds less of the normal fan leaves

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Hey people sorry not worded it correctly so . The plant was growing well untill a couple of days ago ,I noticed it stop height growth (it’s only 25 days old ). I thought that it was too dark of a green colour and that there was a claw on the leaves . So had asked what could be wrong i checked ph and it said 7 / 7.5 it was checked with soil probe so not as accurate as it could be (I order a proper one its coming tomorrow). I never check the ph of the water before during or after each feed (only feed 3 Times ever ) until I ask what could be wrong

so if my ph is to high how can I lower it. Do I just ph the water after nutes and then feed, will that bring the soil ph down ? This is my second grow so still learning. I plan on only grow autos and plan on growing for many years to come it’s the start of my journey into this beautiful plant all and an opinion welcome as I plan on get as much help and info from this form thanks in advance for the help .

When you water or feed youll need to adjust
Ph up or down depends on starting ph
Check water before watering and use ph up or down to adjust accordingly
When you feed you want to add nutrients to water then adjust ph
nutrients will bring ph down so in most cases youll need ph up to adjust
6.3-6.8 is range for soil
Yes continued watering and feeding at proper ph levels will maintain proper soil ph
When you get your meter water with ph 6.5 untill you get run off youll want to collect run and test with meter once you have that info we can decide on how to proceed
Another question do you have a tds meter
Is also important to have fyi
Just tag me by adding @ Symbol in front of my user name like so @Buddy2


Okay can do friend . How many watering/ feed will it take to return to a healthy ph of about 6.5 . as it’s auto would bud production have been harmed in any way . Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


How soon depends on how far out of tange you are
You can do a soil flush on the pots use 3 x water to pit size so 15 gal theough a 5 gal pot using proper ph water at the end of the flush your soil should be at correct range
Get a basw reading and i can help you better
And yes yield can be affected with autos they are not forgiving unfortunately
Lets start with a base line test first
When you get meter water your plants with 6.5 ph water
Collect run off in a tray and test it let me know what reading you get
In a 5 gal pot 1-1/2 gals of water should give you run off
Also do not feed until ph is under control
Do you have a tds meter ???

You my friend have just helped me solve my problem for sure the bio bizz light mix seems to have increased my ph and it took me 3 flushes over a week to get my ph to 6.6 each flush i used aprox 14litres UK. The thing with autoflowers aswell is you dont have time to recover and in flower its worse you worry it affects ur crop. I too am worried i am days from harvesting and am worried tht there is a issue with my buds so i will let you know how i get on with mine.

Hi . So I got my ph meter and ph’d the water to 6.52 but feed nutes with it didn’t read your message till there now and feed plant about 3hours ago . I seem runoff water then the plant must have sucked it back up, cause by the time i feed and got something to lift it out it was gone
It’s in a 3 gallon fiber pot . I have only ever gave the plant a litre of water each week but thinking now it need more. Was just to cautious as to not over feed/water. I would feed then let it dry out then feed again a week later . But will gave only ph’d water when pot feels light. Il gave it 9 litres to flush then next time only ph’d water , then bloom feed and hopefully salvage something Here a pic of how’s she’s looking it’s not good most of the leaves are drooping and where the buds are growing them leaves seem twisted @Countryboyjvd1971