Confused and new at this

This is my 1st grow, I’m doing it indoors hydroponicly. It was suggested to me to try White Widow autoflower. I’m useing general hydro liquid fertilizers as thats what came with thier farm kit, I also have their calimagic, liquid koolbloom, rapid start, and a different brand of sweetener. Does anyone have a proven feed chart they might share with me so I don’t screw up the plants I’ve started? preferably using ml per gallon ( hey I’m old. I’m sure there’s a conversion in that phone of mine but then HEY I’M OLD ) I have bought the regular size plant seeds to try next an general hydro has a ready made chart for them to try, so I should be O.K. there. Also I have these two plants that are now starting to flower I have fimed them both, doing LST on them raising them both in the same container cuz they are supposed to be small. my question is why do they look so different? one has large wide leaves 9 per fan and the other 5 to 7 & narrower. Thanks

Just a different phenotype. Like two sisters, they look similar even though they are related. Happy growing.

I just had both phenos grow with Gorilla Glue autos; the sativa was five weeks behind and 6” taller. She grew twice as tall as her Sister did :slightly_smiling_face:

new question, I now realize the phenotype and know I screwed up putting them in the same hydro container. They are definitly on different time schedules. Can I flush the earlier one without hurting the later one, and after go back to nutrient feeding the late one? here’s what they look like.

Hey it was there guess I’m not as bad as I think I am with this computer, here’s the more advanced one

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And while I’m at it am I correct that the trichroes will go from clear, to white. to amber, to brown. And I want to harvest at amber right?

Plenty of time to go yet for nutrients. Did you post a picture of the one that is ready?

All the ones you posted still have 4 more weeks to go minimum.

The trichomes you have a picture of, is on a leaf. Check the actual flower, those are always more behind, and the leaves always get trimmed away.

it’s not ready yet but there is such a difference in the two I want to be ready with a plan. The first picture is the slower one the second is the faster one and the tricome picture is from september 30th. 1st & second from today

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sorry I forgot to say Thank you, glad to hear 4 more weeks. I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but its fun.

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O.K. still new and still confused, I’ve been watching my ph levels and wondered if this is normal and am I correct. When they were in veg state the ph was going up every day & would have to be brought down. Now that they are flowering the ph is always going down & has to be brought up a few times a day. Normal or not? and I’m using GH products in my hydro set up would another product be better? Probably not a good question to ask on a open forum about who’s products to use but I don’t know any one around here that has any knowledge on this. Thanks