Confused and battered clones

These 4 plants were put in the ground on June 1st, 8" tall TrainWreck clones. 10 days in they were almost 2’ tall , then they all started flowering and stopped growing. A week later they began putting on the strange single leaves and went back to veg. In that time they survived some brutal weather, flooding rain, quarter size hail, and high winds. After that they took off growing like weeds. Now they are all between 6’ & 7’ tall with over 3 months of growing season left. This is my first legal outdoor grow and my first experience with clones, I’m assuming and hoping now they will follow a regular schedule and finish up in mid-October or so like “normal plants”. :thinking:


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Reveg. They went from an indoor light cycle to less hours outdoor cycle too early.

Ride it out, you will have a bunch of new bud sites.


I’m kind of wondering, they’re already making lots of long white pistils. IME in my neck of the woods it’s kind of early for that.


The plants decide what they want to do…IF…given sun, food and of course tender loving care.
Consider yourself lucky, your ladies are getting it going. Once they go from veg to flower, they will stretch…sometimes x2 in just a couple of weeks…then they stop growing up and start filling out the bud sights.

Remember each grow is different. Variable sunlight will have a noticeable effect. Think back to when they stopped growing and revegged…was it a time when the sunlight was reduced alot? Rains/cloudy days? That would do it.

They look healthy, keep it going and see what they gift you with. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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They went from 18/6 indoors straight outside in the ground. They are in my vegetable garden spot, it gets all the morning and afternoon sun, but the trees block the evening sun. I know people say they need “full sun” but I beg to differ, I’ve been gardening here for 35+ years, the evening sun here in late July and August is brutal so a little evening shade works very well and I’ve never had any plants flower early because of it. It is good creek bottom land, over the winter I plow in chicken p@@& and ashes from my smoker. My tomatoes, squash, beans and peppers are doing beautifully and producing faster than I can pick them.

Plants went from 18 hours to what? Something substantially less?
2+ hours less would do it…think you answered your question.

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I know the difference in light cycle caused the early flowering and I know about reveg. My question was, from here on out should they follow a “normal” cycle and finish when they should, in mid-october or so. They’re growing normally now but are already showing lots of white pistils and from my experience it is about a month early for that. I’ve grown my share outdoors from seed but these are my first clones and my first experience with this particular strain.

Let them grow. They will do well. You got big buds in the oven.

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That’s the plan, Thanks, man :v::sunglasses: