Confused about jacks mixing

so ive read so many different versions of the mixing order for jacks 321, need some insight

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The official method is add Part A - Mix well
Add Epsom Salt - Mix well
Add Part B - Mix well.
If the mixture is cloudy after its all done then it was done wrong. Start over…This has never happened to me so far.

If you watch their video on Youtube you can Add Part A and Epsom together and mix…Then Part B.
This is what I have done for the last year and never had any problems.
So if the liquid is clear and not cloudy you did it right.

Some use warm water to help it dissolve but I just have it at room temp and its fine.
I fill my gallon jugs the day before and they are ready the next day. I do this because I have an RO filter and I need to stay ahead of the need and let the reservoir recover.


thank you, how about when adding mpk booster

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It’s added last.