Confused about germ and seedling process

So I finally got my seeds. Took a while. I am planning on soaking them starting today… I held off trying to find information on planting the seeds once they get Taproot. I have Happy Frog and FFOF. I read they are too hot for seedlings.bwhat should I use? Can I use just any organic seedling soil from home Depot?

Stay away from Miracle Grow products. I grow seedlings in Happy Frog and they do fine. FFOF is pretty hot, but experienced growers have been successful with it. I wouldn’t recommend it for seedlings.


Thanks…just hate to lose any of the 20 seeds.

@MidwestGuy has you set.

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I grow only in FFOF soil and only their nutrients. Use the Happy Frog as a buffer between the plant and FFOF.

I will be doing this but with older FFOF soil. Only doing it so I don’t lose the only seed I have of the one strain that is a Auto called Purple Gorilla. I will be using new FFOF soil. :+1:


Exact same here… seedlings in happy frog watered down with a little old soil then to forest after about 3 weeks…and if this is your first grow think hard about dropping all 20 to boot…

I just harvested a beautiful Pink Gorilla

Second grow. First time starting from seed.
Should I drop a few of each and see how it goes?

Hey if you just harvested and it went well go for it, that was your original plan. and if you have the space and time don’t listen to me man…I’m just a stoned sqiurell after a nut… LoL enter @HornHead


Yep. Poor little guy. I cringe everytime

I was gonna post the squirrel picture but can’t find it so you guys get this one


Here it is. Kinda of


First grow went better than I thought considering I knew NOTHING. I didn’t even think they would survive my naivity to harvest. They lived and produced about 1 ounce per plant. Had I known what I was doing shoulda been about 15 per plant. Also they were clones taken from a monster crop and was told they were pre-teen, but which caused them to veg for about 16-18 weeks…so frustrating. Hence the reason I am growing from seed this time. At least I will have more environmental control of the beginning of the grow.

:joy: OMG …think I just wet my pants…poor little fella. Gives new meaning to a squirrel getting his nut…roflmfao


I use FFof and i go strait in soil with the seed! Works best for me, i’ve started in glass had tail planted and nothing came up. So i skip that step all together! :smirk:

Soaked 8 seeds…day 2 and only 2 taproots…how long of Taproot before planting??

Mine typically pop in 4 days or less. Plant when the taproot is 1/4 to 1/2 inch long with the taproot facing down.

Ok great…Taproot 1/8 inch on both…hoping to put in dirt soon… :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Ok so I am planting some tonight. My amnesia Haze and super skunk both seeds popped. No Kush…:disappointed:yet and only 1 gold leaf

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Do they need lights or do I wait till they sprout. ??? I have an adjustable easel table in tent to put the prop station on …

The lights won’t help them until they sprout their heads above the soil, but the heat generated by the lights might help.