Confirming phosphorus or mag deficiency?

Been fighting ph problems, but i think i have it under control now. I was in the low 6s in living soil so i believe my roots were failing to uptake any nutrients. I bumped up my intake to 7.0 and got a run off of 6.7. I noticed this morning on one of the girls of what looks to be a phosphorus or mag def? Just want to confirm.

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Not seeing a mag deficiency Growmie, leaning more towards a potassium deficiency. PH uptake range would 6.2-6.8 for p and K :love_you_gesture: I also read you’re in living soil…what’s the intent an all organic grow?? Just curious since you mentioned run off


@OGIncognito the reason for my organic grow is because im on the road alot for work and only have a few times a week to spend any time with the girls. Im using a new line of amendments and have gotten this far without any major issues until my ph tanked and started to see some deficiencies. Ive had multiple successful grows in Coast of Maine. This is the first grow that ive used a water treatment for chlorine and heavy metals. Ive learned that it automatically gives it a 6.5 ph ( ive never phd runoff until this grow) since im adding a splash of cal mag and molasses every other water along with liquid amendmends every 3rd watering it tanked the ph and it has stunted growth also. Ive got the ph under control now and started using Tribus last night. ( all the girls ( including babies ) perked up overnight since the treatment.


Gotcha and nice work! The COM is a great medium and I’ve used the Stonington Blend on few soil grows with great results. Never a dull moment for sure Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


@OGIncognito heres a pic of the whole top i took tonight.


They definitely look PK deprived and like you mentioned early PH is probably the culprit, I see you tested the run off PH did you ever check the PPMs? :love_you_gesture:

Yes. PPM are at 2000 now.

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That’s more than enough chow in that medium :love_you_gesture: