Confirmation of hermie

Believe these are balls?

Looks like 3 hermied. Would’ve posted in journal but figured get a quick look here.

Maybe they are really fat pistils? Lol

They’re actually swollen calyx from the looks of your pic.
Not seeing any balls. :+1:


That’s what I assumed at first. Then I saw two right next to each other. Like… Well. Balls. Thanks a ton.


I’d keep a very close eye on these, I sure don’t like the looks of them. Hard to tell from a flat picture if they’re round like a flower or if they’re flat like a leaf. If they’re round like a flower, I’d pluck them out of there.

Take a tooth pick or needle and rip one of them open and see if a seed or no. If no seed then ur in the good. Looksl ike its just a swollen calux to me too but could be wrong. Pistil sticking out is saying not a seed in there tho i believe

Very hard to tell from a picture, but to me it did not look like pistils but more like stems. Without having the plant in front of me it is very hard to tell but pictures are not in 3D

There are similair calyx of that size on other plants with orange pistils. Those just look new. Full of clear liquid.

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One of them did. Can’t be for sure yet which one, haven’t found a ball. But 2 small seeds while trimming the super lemon and have a browned calyx with a seed in it on the chocolope. So I guess that means there’s a 50/50 chance I got feminized sativa mix seeds or hermie seeds. Wish I could remember what the plant was that got culled. It and the super lemon definitely had the most stress. For sure “killed” the slh once. It was two inches long in my hand one day. Reburied it. Twice. Still finished first. Lol