Confirm sex do I have a hermi?

First grow. All started indoors, some just moved outside. I think all in need of topping, trimming. Most sexes obvious, but…
Here’s the indoor group.

Here’s the outdoor (there are also 3 others planted in the ground)

I think I can ID females like this one

or this one

Suspected male

Suspected male balls, or is it a hermi ? It has girly hair pistils I think.

Just another nervous parent, thanks.

Well the last photo is absolutely a male.


Thanks @MrPeat.

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@JMN67 this is what i see
I see 2 hairs female

Is this same plant

maybe just new growth keep an eye on it

Too early for sexual differentiation on the first plant and balls on the second.


@DoceePharms they are different plants. @Myfriendis410 I’ll keep an close eye on both for now. Be very curious how they develop. I thought having two hairs was always female unless the plant was hermaphrodite. I see two hairs on both of these and had concluded female. I actually was only wondering about the very last picture because it had defined balls and I saw hairs too. @MrPeat called it as straight male. These are 40 days since planting. My takeaway is that having hairs is not conclusive in early stages.
Thanks to you both. There is no substitute for experience.

Here you can compare a male.

This was my male before he went supernova on me.

I just saw spikes. If you have hairs then female.

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I presume “supernova” in this case would mean balls all over the place. (Hope that’s not considered improper and crude language here…). :roll_eyes:

“Spikes” versus “hairs”. Hmmm. Sounds like modern hairstyles. I’ll have to learn more terms from the cannabis growing world. “Girly hairs” and such I’ve run across.

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Those hairs or spikes are stipules. Male and females both have them

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“Stipules” I have read that along the way, now I’ve seen. Got it. In convo was led to believe that seeing them was sure sign of female. Thanks for confirming both sexes start out with them.

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The stipules job are to protect the “sex organs”

@DoceePharms that makes sense. Thinking back it makes me wish I’d had them at times… :rofl:

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Time to pull out the girly hair picture again.

But IME are more prominent and early than on males.

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Interesting @myfriendis410. In the reading I’ve done (and now gone back to see what I missed) stipules are not addressed well enough. Ed Rosenthal’s classic and lauded Marijuana Growers Handbook doesn’t mention them in the flowering/sexing section. I have still to go back and check the ILGM beginners to confirm for myself. I think I would have remembered that stipules are not the sex organs. Oh well. I think more of my “ladies” are ultimately going to be trashed.

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