Confirm Nitrogen deficiency


I just wanted to confirm that this is indicative of a nitrogen dificiency. If so, how should I treat it?



How old is plant. What kind of soil. What, if anything, do you feed?

The plant just hit 4 weeks old (going on its 5th).I give it a really light feeding of fox farms grow big and big bloom as i didnt want to risk giving them too much.

cut way back on the nutes at this early stage.

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What kind of soil is that. Looks woody

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That’s just an old beat up leaf that got splashed on likely. Current growth has nice color. Do tell what soil and conditions.

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@HornHead The soil is a 1:1:1 blend of coco, soil and perlite. I have been giving it a very light and extra dilute feeding regiment of fox farms nutrients. I ended up getting rid of those lower leaves, but the next level are starting to yellow as well…

The soil is just some organic soil I went and got at Lowes–i can try and find more specifics tomorrow.

It seems like growth is slowing down during this 5th week…is a 100W LED enough?

Excuse the late response, I guess my last one didnt go through/

100 watt will not take you all the way through properly. But if your soil has nutrients you should not have to do nothing but water right now. Maybe some Cal/Mag depending on how much coco you have in it.

ok. would the 100W bulb explain the slower growth?