Confirm my suspicions! That's male flowers

Just checked my garden tonight after missing a couple of days and could swear that I smelled a completely new aroma than normal.
Sure as shit, I found a few small flowers that had dropped off on to the clay balls on top of the pots.

I instantly sprayed the plant with a spray bottle in hope of containing any pollen then took it out.

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@666snake Yep. You got a hermie.

Removal is the safest option if you’ve got others in there.

It’s quite a nice strain and I wouldn’t mind crossing to get some seeds from the others when they are ready to harvest.
Is there any reliable way to collect some pollen and store it until I need it?

You don’t want to do this.

Your plant is not male. Your plant seems to be a very hermaphroditic plant. It will pass that trait on, so when you want to grow seedless cannabis later you won’t really be able to. Not reliably.

If you’re strictly growing for hash or other concentrates, it would be fine. But you do not want these seeds otherwise.

Oh, okay well that means the best thing for it is to pull it out!
Thanks for the info

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Yank it and by the looks of things it’s already released pollen so I’m sure you’ll be seeing some seeds.

Don’t grow those seeds.

If this is seed from a reputable breeder consider your grow space.

Don’t worry it happens often, it’s mostly genetics that will carry the trait on. So the seeds would continue as sir Keystone said. (Hes has great genetic understanding)

I had to do the same thing last night went through all the plants and had the thin out, because started seeing the pollen sacs on the opposite side of the pistils unfortunate but necessary to remove.

Yes, I have extensive experience in working with and breeding pythons and genetics are an extremely accurate way of designer breeding if you understand the type of trait/mutation whether it be recessive or a co-dominant.

This is my first real time experimenting with gardening with such high quality hydroponic.
So cheers for your patience guys if I ask something stupid!

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There really aren’t stupid questions. And everyone here is happy to help.