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Hi all, I’m new here and I’ve a question about making a seed purchase. After I made my first buy I was directed to confirm my email address. The link that they sent me could not be just clicked on, I had to copy it first. My question is, what do I do after I copy it? Where do I paste so they get it. Thanks in advance. Mike.


@ILGM.Support.Roy may be able to help in this area @Greenleaf
welcome aboard!


O.K. Thanks.


if you don’t mind me asking,what seeds are you getting?
@garrigan65 could you possibly help here?


I’m going to try the Bubblegum auto


I was offline for a while bite, that’s why it took so long to answer, sorry.



First Welcome to ILGM

You just paste it into your reply box and hit send…that easy



thank you sir!


No problem my friend


Yes, thank you.