Conditions For Drying?

Hello everyone. I still got a way to go before I harvest, but I’m planning out where I’m going to do it and find out what conditions are needed. I saw a video saying for temperature it should be low to mid 60s with humidity at low 60%. Is this accurate?

Low and slow. Should take 10-14 days to dry…


Lower and slower the better they say. I myself can not get below 70°f in my environment when I dry. But I can hold 60%rh. With those number it gives me a good 7 day sometimes 8 day dry time. But I hang whole plants for the most part. Gives me a good dry for my conditions. You’ll basically just have to see what works best for your area


Everyones conditions are different but I’m able to dry 65 to 68 degrees and 60% humidity. That usually takes about 10 days to dry.
If you can get the right conditions you can also use brown paper bags to slow down the process.