ConcreteBudz Indoor 420Garden Adventure 🤯

Ok what if I check the hygrometer in thirty mins and it’s only like 50% humidity down there… the furnace is down there so the heat might take up some moisture, temp is like 62 not too high. But if it’s not too humid down there then should I cancel the BIG de humidifier and get another ozone generator or at i over thinking this?

This is after hygrometer being down there for hour and 45mins that’s what it’s reading and that’s not humid at all…

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Ignore the high and lows for now haha because that’s from my putting new battery’s in upstairs.

Looks like some good numbers to me.:ok_hand:
I would run the whole set up for a week before you put any plants in there and see how the temp/humidity does and then tweak it from there.


@Sincitytoker good point will definitely do that too! would also like to kill some of that basement mildewy smell too first

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There you go kill 2 birds with one stone.
But looks like your headed in the right direction…dbrn has you covered.


Is there any water or noticeably damp spots?

No not that I can see on floor or walls or ceiling really. It actually even feels pretty dry in there. It’s just that smell is typical basement but definitely stronger than some… it’s enough to make me worry about my plants breathing that air haha

Maybe there was big water damage down there or humidity even at one point and it created mold/mildew that now needs to be gottten rid of

I don’t see any physical mold either

I take that back a lot of physical wet spots I can see on floor. Ok I got my work set up for the week haha I’ll be good for a while working on drying with new dehumidifier etc. still debating just buying a 2x4x6 for my place instead


Or have you thought about a 3x3?
I’m going to be building me a shed this summer for my babies,but in the meantime I’m going to run a 3x3 in my master bathroom :joy:.

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Yeah I’m honestly about to buy a 2x4x6 and a HLG 350r and save my 4x4 and GC roi for when I move

@dbrn32 lets say I build myself a 2’6”x5’x6’ grow “stealth box” (outside looks like regular dresser). Is the HLG 350 rspec enough for that or can I fit something else in there with those specs to maximize my lighting? Or is that plenty

Hlg-350r or chilled tech x3 330 would be pretty good in there. Probably about as good as you’ll do with a single fixture anyway.

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@dbrn32 could I get better results if I had two fixtures instead of one?

Could I fit two 260s?

That would be more light in the space, which would increase your harvest potential some.

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Yeah thinking about twoHLG 320s

That’s more light than plants can use in most scenarios, Probably not worth dropping that much coin on.

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