Concerns about sexing in flowering stage

We have a photo White Widow that is in the flowering stage but we had an interruption in the light cycle due to electrical work in the area and we are concerned today the plant is going hermaphrodite. It was definitely looking female until now. My wife took some pics to show what we’re looking at. Does anyone know if this thing is herming or not? Or is it just bud sites?

Looks like a straight up male, no signs of female there.

Three clear sites of Tea-baggers - male, no herm.
Not saying it cant herm early, (enviro/forced), but I see lots of growth tips…no actual flowers.(maybe not in pic)

If it is a male, should I just scrap ir or should I still try to flower it separately? I’d have to move it away from my autoflowers.

At least for better inspection & pics, doesn’t look like its ready to or has dumped its load yet.(at least those pictured)… if its male don’t return it - compost.

Ok. I wasnt sure if males were smokable or not. Still learning!

Might rephrase that, but no they are not going to get you high, and worse, is they’ll force the female plants to redirect energy producing seed rather than the good stuff. I assume natural seed(50/50 M/F), not feminized. If so watch all the others now too…if same basic age from germ.

I’d get rid it ASAP unless you want a whole bunch of seeds as it will pollinate every female plant in the vicinity.


I definitely don’t see female parts…I’d burn it

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Trash it quick. Better luck next time.

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Yeah, we took it out of the tent and put it outside yesterday. Gonna destroy it today. It’s a shame, but we have autos that are doing great so it’s all good.

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