Concerned First grow

My plants are 44days old and range from 8 to 14 inches
I have never watered them and they look good
I want to add NPK to them but need to mix with water
not sure if I should do this or not I just want them to get some growth
rh stays between 50% and 65%
temp temp 72 -76 degrees F
they are a 56 day plant and I want them to reach 3 feet before I bloom
something else I’m concerned about is that I ordered 10 Gorilla Glue
I clearly have 2 different kinds of plants
2 plants has broad leaves and and the other 2 have narrow leaves
witch one is GG
My light is 1000w MH for bloom I have 1000w HPS
the pistlils stand straight up they do not cross male or female ?
I’m soo new at this and need your help badly thank you for all the good help I get

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Pale leaves at lower sections are showing lack of nitrogen. Plant is feeding off itself.

Each seed is a role of the genetic dice. Same strain seeds can/will show different profile types.
Not a issue to concern. It will still produce the desired harvest.

Explain this: the pistils stand straight up they do not cross male or female ?

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Plants are plenty big enough to start feeding . I would start at half dosage. good luck

My bad they are acully the stipules
thank you I will add NPK I was afraid if I added water I would kill my planfs

water is what keeps them alive.
how in the ever loving blue eyed world did they get so big WITHOUT WATERING?


Do you have adequate drain holes drilled out at the bottom of the plastic pots?
What soil did you use?
I’m surprised that up until now you haven’t had to water them the entire time…
The light green (lime green) ones definitely screaming for Nitrogen.
You could piss in a cup and mix that 10:1 with water and then adjust the water Ph to around 6.5 using citric acid if it was over 7.2 or so…

The leaves that I’ve circled are displaying a magnesium deficiency and adding a Tsp per gallon of Epsom salt will help with that.

Again make sure you have good drainage at the bottom of the buckets…

Good luck


Ya, I’m surprised they look as good as they do for never receiving water. Like posted above, a 5 gallon bucket needs a lot of drainage holes, then you can probably water pretty liberally. Use water/feed ph’d to requirements of your growing medium. Maybe even grab some runoff data.

Thank You I needed help badly

there are plenty 1 inch holes in the bottom of the buckets

1 quart of water and it’s running out the bottom

miracle grow comes with a measuring spoon and I use it like this

nitrogen urea 46-0-0 one large spoon full

p bone meal 2-14-0 1/2 spoon

potassium 0-0-53 large spoon full

i mix this with one gallon of water

is once a week to often

I watered 1 day ago no signs of recovery

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I’m not familiar with miracle grow products, but they should all have mixing directions on bag?

Do you maybe have some compaction issues in your medium? Like it’s hard and won’t absorb any water?

What soil did you use?

Miracle Gro will set your water PH to the low 4’s which is a severe lockout of nutes for cannabis. If you are going to continue to use MG you HAVE to PH your water in, to between 6.3 and 6.8. Strips and drops are worthless: you need a digital PH meter and NOT one of the 3 in 1 type soil meters.

MG is notorious for delivering a harsh finished product and might be a good idea to ditch it in favor of something a bit (or a LOT) more user-friendly like General Hydroponics, and it’s no more expensive than MG.

What soil medium are you in?

The interveinal chlorosis indicates magnesium deficiency as @Skydiver pointed out but could be PH/nute lockout.

I don’t use miracle grow just the spoon

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What soil are you in? Why this nutrient schedule? How often do you water? Maybe you could provide more clear information? Pretty hard to help without decent data.

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all organic

the soil is compost and manure loose and absorbs water good

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This plant is six weeks old (planted June 6). GH Flora, Lucas Formula with silica in Promix.

Your plants are IMO undersized for their age. Going all organic is fine, but I see a few things you may want to address. Repot into a larger space: likely root bound. You can add some powdered gypsum (all natural) for help with the Mg deficiency. You REALLY need a PH meter if you don’t have one. A TDS meter would also be good if you are supplementing.

Personally I would never suggest a new grower go down the road you are attempting. It really is wise to use tried and proven materials and techniques until you have a feel for what you and the plant can do.

There are a number of threads on living soils and I would strongly suggest you read up on that subject. I’m gonna call in @Mrcrabs as an organic soil grower.


The soil mix and amendments seem like you are on the right track just I think the soil doesn’t have enough aeration to allow it to dry enough in a reasonable time as you will need to water more often as they get bigger for 2 reasons. 1) they will want more water 2) the amendments you have need to either be top dressed into the 1-2” of soil at top and watered in or mixed into the feed water and if the soil is always staying wet that can lead to other problems like root rot and the plants aren’t getting what they need because the soil is always wet and so on…
Maybe think about getting some perlite and repotting them with the added perlite so there are plenty of mini air pockets throughout the soil helping with compaction problems and drainage and drying out better.
Just some thoughts
Roots have to be able to breath so to speak…

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Will be with you guys shortly, got my hands a little tied at the moment

small project

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Welcome buddy, first of all how long ago did you water? Sometimes letting soil dry out to long can cause ph fluctuations problems, the soil has a different ph bone dry than when constantly moist, and plants should be about avg 1ft per gallon in super soil so yes I agree they’re under developed,
Multi tasking so be patient in response

I’m in kentucky where it is against the law what kind of grow media should I get and where it will have to be shipped to me