Concerned about slow vertical growth. Regs/Autos First grow


I have several issues I will attempt to outline them all here and will appreciate any thoughts, comments and advice.

Issue #1:
Single ILGM Blueberry Regular Feminized: This seed sprouted in a couple days and was planted November 13th in a 5" cowpot in Berger BM1 “All purpose” soil(Peat, perlite, vermiculite) purchased from nursery. I started it out under 18/6 CFL’s as I was waiting for my LED (AdvancedLED DS XML 150) to arrive.

Initially I had PH, climate and temperature issues and I started out with my LED light too close to the seedling. I figured out those issues (Avg: 78f, 50-65% h, 5.8-6.5PH) and then repotted the plant into a larger pot(1g maybe?) on December 8th.

Some leaf tip yellowing occurred and I solved that by adding Cal-Mag. I gave the first proper feeding of Flower Power “Growth” and Cal-Mag on December 31st. The plant responded well and began to grow very nicely but my concern is that it isn’t getting very tall rather it is starting to fill out under the top canopy and is sending out new growth in the intersections of the branches and the main stalk. It just now(Jan 4th) is getting it’s third set of 5 finger fan leaves.


  1. Is this unusually slow growth?
  2. Should I prune the undergrowth and top the plant?
  3. Should I raise the overhead LED? Currently at 23” @fullpower.
  4. Should I remove side lighting? Supplemental CFL’s pointing in from the left and right on either side of all plants on the table.
  5. Should I repot into a larger pot? I was intending to end up in a 10g pot but I’m slowly working my way up to it. Though I did notice that there are roots peeking out of the new pot bottom.

Issue #2:
4 Autos also growing more under canopy than they are getting tall.
1 Amnesia Haze, 1 BlueBerry, 1 White Widow, 1 Ak-47 (All AutoFem from ILGM)

These were germinated (100% success) and planted on December 11th in the same soil media with the same conditions as the RegBB above. Except that this time I started the seedlings under CFL with a saran wrap cover to keep in humidity. They seemed to appreciate the humidity very much and sprouted much more quickly than the RegBB. I started these all in 3” cowpots. By mid-week all but the ak-47 were sprouting with first leaves. AK-started to look better by end of the first week but was visibly slower than the others. I transplanted all of them on December 24th and everything was looking good the following week with the exception of the ak-47 which remained slow/stunted no matter what I did to change its environmental conditions. These were given their firt full feeding on December 31st of Cal-Mag & Flower Power “Growth”(19-5-20). They loved it. All but the AK-47 which is still just barely still a seedling, are now as large as the RegBB started exactly 1 month prior to these. The concern is that they seem to be filling out under the canopy and not getting very tall(approx 6” tall).


  1. Is this related to the the LED being too close? There are no signs of burn.
  2. Should I remove the supplemental side lighting(CFL’s)?

Issue #3:
1 Regular ILGM GoldLeaf
Basically same details as the autos except this is a RegFem. She is almost the same size as the RegBB planted nearly 1 month prior. She also exhibits under canopy growth and is not getting taller.

I may be making worry where none is justified. But being my first time at this, I have no clue if I’m doing it right/wrong. I included pictures with identifying markers. Thanks for your feedback.

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Forgot to include a “Support Ticket”

Strain; All ILGM Seed - RegFems: Goldleaf, Blueberry. AutoFems: Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, White Widow, AK-47

Soil in pots

System type? ???

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.8-6.4

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS (I don’t know. Mixed according to guide provided by manufacturer)


Light system-LED & CFL, size-LED 150 10Watt Cree, 5500k 250 watts CFL

Temps; Day-75-78, Night-80(Room heats up because fans go off.)

Humidity; Day-50-60, Night-40

Ventilation system; Several fans and the room is drafty; gets plenty of fresh air


Co2; No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you smile

Planning to transplant the RegFems: Goldleaaf and Blueberry into 10g pots today. Not sure about the Autos yet. I’m also going to put some distance between all the plants and the main light. Maybe they need to be forced to do some stretching. They’ll all get their second feeding today.

How can I put this in layman terms Blue berry is typically indica dominant meaning short in stature a deep rooter and super sensitive eater they don’t grow tall they grow bushy with 3-5’ feet being their size range at harvest. They are an excellent out door strain since they root deep and don’t need heavy feeds they are likely already needing a bigger pot mine went from 3’ pot to 1L in about a week and had my 5 gal smart pots showing roots out bottom through fabric 2 weeks after transplant they were planted early Oct and now bushy and still short what they lack for height they make up for in branches and node spacing.
When growing multiple strains it’s important you understand their characteristics or you find it very hard to get even results when looking for plants to grow together I look at genetics indica/sativa % then flower times and pair plants which have very similar genes. hard to grow a 7’ monster beside a 4’ shrub. I have a single Blueberry in flower rightnow she’s about 10-11" tall and nearly 20" around with easily 15 kolas and every branch will be top to bottom buds I picked the strain for it’s size mostly so what you are describing is exactly what a BB is. That being said when you plant seeds spend a little extra time reading into it’s genes it’s nice having variety but can make for headaches if the plants differ greatly :wink: if you are curious my journal is (from the ground up)


Hi Donaldj,

Thanks for the feedback. I went for variety intentionally in hopes of learning the diffs as I went through the whole process. You are right I should do some reading on my strains. I was just hearing/watching youtubes and something was said that made me think I wasn’t getting the correct result(s). In particular the “grow boss” said something like after 4 weeks my plant should be 1’-2’ tall. So that kind of got me going down this track. I would like to see your grow journal. Thanks.

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just a little perspective mind you I tied her down lots


Unless you’re planning on growing trees you can save yourself some money on soil by using smaller pots, 3 or 5 gallon should be fine

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