Concern over a very late to flower sativa

Hello grow friends. Can someone familiar with photoperiod sativa flowering cycles tell me what is up with this plant?

This one is an unknown strain. I just tried germinating seeds from random flower purchases over past 2 years. Narrower fan leaves and lighter green color is why my guess is sativa. It is now about 7’ and still not really flowering, but “starting” to.

I’m wondering if the pruning and lollipop trimming has strained it too much?


Sativas have been know to take as long as 14-6 weeks from flower to harvest depending on their origin :love_you_gesture:


Hopefully you live somewhere warm until november. Shes gonna be awhile. No defoling and pruning didnt cause late flowering. I would let it ride for awhile and see how she goes. Probably just a late flowering strain. Be patient


Thanks. Im in MD so I do have some time. I germinated this one in late March and sprouted first week of April, so I believe it’s now up to 20 weeks or so.

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The day length has not reached down to 12 hours yet in MD. Cannabis is capable of flowering at <14 hours of light per day, but some plants can be more stubborn than others.

The current day length in Baltimore is ~13 hours. It’s not surprising that she hasn’t flowered yet.


That would make sense if the four other people I know with photoperiods weren’t also 2-3 weeks into flower. But they are.

Is the length of day the only criteria you’re using to advise that it doesn’t surprise you that it’s not flowering yet?

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Some plants are more stubborn than others.


Ok sounds good. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Ill update this post once they really get into flowering.

One other conundrum is that it shows nutrient burn, even though I’ve been incredibly conservative with nutrients (using FFOF soil and FF nutes). In fact, my much smaller autoflowers in 5ga bags tolerated way more nutes than this 8’ giant in a 20 ga bag. Another puzzler.

FF nutes eventually develop mineral salt problems that will submarine your root zone pH. The resulting low pH creates nutrient absorption problems.

Are these plants in pots or in the ground? If in pots, then do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

The pH runoff seems fine at 6.3. I’ll have to do the PPM which I have not done for the runoff in a while. I’ve definitely flushed it though.

These are cloth bags outside. It has a little nutrient burn not a lot. I’m just shocked it has any given that my PPMs were likely pretty low. Not only do I half dose, but I don’t even give them all the nutrients.

I’ve limited it to tiger bloom and big bloom. And again at half dose once a week. Plus a spoonful of Neptunes harvest and molasses here and there. I will say the dynomyco and great white seem to have developed a monster root system.

Maybe the mycorrhizae have made its roots extremely efficient? I’ll do the runoff, but again I dont check the runoff that much and with a 20 gallon bag, I don’t always fill it up until runoff. I did have an Indica plant that could handle the nutrients much better. That was harvested last week.

Forgot to say that these are in 20ga grow bags, not in the ground. I did flush twice recently due to the salt build-up concern. Maybe I did not run enough water through the bag, though. I could do that once more.

I have it sitting in a hole that is about 3’ deep since it’s gotten so tall. We did get some heavy rain twice, so those were also unscheduled flushes.

I just watered and was able to get decent runoff. The runoff PPM was 280. That seems a bit high but not crazy high. I then went ahead and flushed it pretty well.

Two days ago, I hit it with Big Bloom (3 tsp per ga), Tiger Bloom at less than 1 tsp per gallons and about that same dose of CalMag.

I’ll get in the habit of watering until runoff whenever I water to stay on top of it. I really expected it to be a bit more hungry in this early flowering stage.

That’s actually very low Growmie, target soil PPMs generally around 1000-1200 and as high as 1600 but not optimum. What was the run off PH and the FF Grow Big needs to be used for the entire grow cycle, it’s the needed nitrogen source. :love_you_gesture:

Thanks. I just started this hobby but I’ve gotten some pretty good yields from 2 grows and I don’t recall runoff PPMs go that high except in later flower stage.

Even then, those levels seem like the PPM of my nutrient mix (input) but not runoff.

I find lots of variation in how people choose to feed their plants, and there’s also the possibility that I am mistaking nutrient burn for some other problem.

With that said, what’s the source stating runoff PPMs at those levels?

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:point_up_2: nutrient feed schedules advise the input PPMs which would be reflected in the run off and this is generally lower than the input…signals their eating. When I grow in soil I target 800-1000 for input with a PH of 6.5 and feed to liberal run off. The run off is important to prevent a salt accumulation from building up in the root zone creating PH issues that also creates nutrient absorption issues that resemble nutrient deficiencies :love_you_gesture:

UPDATE: Still not flowering. At this point it doesn’t look like it will, given that it is the middle of September and it hasn’t even started.

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Post a few pics of the plant Growmie :love_you_gesture:

Very similar to pics in my original post

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How many hours of daylight in your region Growmie? 13ish hours possibly 14 of darkness will initiate flower :love_you_gesture:

Here in MD it’s 12 hours but because of my location (house/trees) it’s probably a little shorter than that. My friend has a sativa strain and it looks like this