Concentrates to vape with vg/pg recipe

I was wondering what ratio vg/ pg/concentrate.
Looking for someone with a good recipe that has worked for them. I opened my mouth now I have to do this with my bff’s wax. I’ve read about it but would really be more comfortable hearing from someone that can give me a couple of pointers. I am expected to do this procedure in the am. Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes

U can just get 1 product to mix with the wax. I got it at local smoke shop

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Stuff I got is called wax liquidizor

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Says 1 gram of wax

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This is what I have to work with.

I went to head shop here and they said they dont carry the stuff to work well with wX. She told me I would waste it with that stuff. I would have to go to Texas but to far to go in am so I’m hoping to do with what I have.

I have found 40/60 ratio recipe but never had hands on with a little project like this. I’m looking for someone who has maybe used this.

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How much of liqudizer do you use to a gram @Killadruid

@Willd has been working on getting this figured out. So has @MT3 I think. I haven’t had much luck with my tries.


@HornHead what kind do you have? Do you like the results ok? I found a bunch on amazon but even with prime I wouldn’t get it by tomorrow am and it’s got to be done then or I’d wait.

Yeah thats right!!! I read some of his recipes. May

I tried infusing directly into VG and it came out tasting like crap. I plan to try a different approach in the future but I am to low on bud to risk using a bunch on a unknown right now.

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I haven’t seen @mt3 but @Willd was pretty cool trying out carts and stuff. Informative on what carts were good or bad!!

There was a thread around here somewhere where a few of us were discussing it at length and trying different methods. I’ll see if I can find it.

Here ya go. This is more flower into vape than concentrate but there’s still a lot of info that might help.

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I’m planning on using bud when I get enough stashed but for now I’m having to buy the wax. I know a certain ratio of vg/pg makes for the taste or harshness. I just need to have it right. It’s kind of a bad deal because there is no room for error and I’m pretty sure I’ll make an error so looking for a guiding hand. Lol!!

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Thank you!!!

You’re welcome hopefully you can get it worked out. And please share your results either way. The more info we have the more likely we are to get a solid final product that we can all make.

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Perfect place for it @DoobieNoobie!!:wink::+1::+1::+1:

Yeah I’m going to write everything down as I go or post so I’ll be updating how this goes. Until then I’ll read and read and read some more!! I’ll let cha know!!:blush::blush:

Awesome! :blush: I’m all out of likes (as usual) lol

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