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For tincture it makes since. I’m wondering if you press thru a coffee filter if you’ll loose most of your rosin into the paper. Rosin bags for pressing are usually nylon.

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Yields for me run around 6 to 7 grams per oz. of flower.

Is that from multiple washes or the first wash?

Nope… I get plenty when I use coffee filters… I still use them many time at the very end if I have a lot of plant material and I want to clean it up.

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THC trichomes are 25 micron, so they get trapped in the filter allowing the terps, fats, waxes, and junk through. This will leave you with a powdery thc. Then slightly warm that up and the thca will start to bind together again creating crystals. This is what I have found when researching so far.

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Ahhh. I see, I see. What micron bubble hash and how much are you planning on using? I only use 120,73,25 when making bubble. 120 for edibles and press the 73 and 25.

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So when you use a bubble bag at 25 microns… what is on the bag are the trichomes (like when you are making ice water bubble hash). It’s the same with the coffee filter. If you use it last after the other filters… yes, you can scrape those off the coffee filter but it is difficult.

Not everyone has bubble bags or a Buchner funnel and scientific lab filters.

Trichomes are not just 25 microns… they come in many sizes… that’s why bubble bags are used consecutively from 220-25, I usually leave out the 220 and start with the 160 and I gather the trichome material from that… it’s not the same quality as the 25, but they are trichomes. Trichomes are not just one size.

For that, when you get down to the 25, the amount you get is much, much smaller than the 160, 120, and 75.

Maybe you should take bubble hash instead of QWET? Just wondering if that would be better. I just hate making bubble hash, I find it messy but it is a cleaner and solvent less wash.


Exactly… :point_up:

But starting with the basic process is just fine for people starting out.

Not sure what is powdery about this… no warming it up LOL


Sorry, I meant for making diamonds.


I have to add that is 3 grams using trim… if I use quality flower, I can yield up to 6+ grams… After I go through my trim, I will be using good flower this year since I yielded almost 2000g of dried buds (not counting trim) and I still have a monster plant left growing outside that I hope will yield me at least 350+g of dried flower (possible 400g)


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That’s a 1 hour soak at -20. If I do a dab run it’s more like 5 grams with a 10 minute wash at -40F but I reserve the spent material and run again for edibles.

Once I did dry ice kief using the 73 µ bag I’ll never go back. That said I may not ever do kief again with the Source available to me.


@Donkey @EYE69MYSELF and anyone else reading…

I am not trying to come across that I know what I’m doing… the reason for this journal is just like anyone’s grow journal. It’s a learning experience and I learn every day… I learn from everyone!

That’s why I say all the time in the journal… “Well, I used to do it this way, but I’m trying this now” or “I do it differently than in the beginning of the journal”…

Still learning and experimenting


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hope she enjoys it.


Me too I can’t wait to hear about it …


Just want you to know of course I’m a noob …
But I am seriously telling you between the QWET and the chocolates
I have 2 things I can do for life because I read your journal …I am eternally grateful …I appreciate you taking the time and sharing with us !!!


That you @Lacewing

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Thanks @Myfriendis410

I just ran 30 grams of popcorn bud at freezer temp, probably 0. I was able to yield 2.75 g on a 30 minute soak.

I have about 40 grams of kief and was thinking of soaking that in everclear and using the source LOL


Let me know if you do soak the keif in everclear and how it works out I have a bunch too not 40 grams tho …HahHa but maybe 10 or so


I soak my bubble in everclear to filter out the trichome husks, works great. The oils dissolve and leaves the waxy husks in the filter.

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Thank you !!!